Samaritana Children


Samaritana Children – Metro Manila, Philippines
 Your gifts had helped children of sexually exploited women through our partnership with Samaritana Ministries.

Last December 2008 MEANS sponsored the Christmas party for the children, each child received a brand new back pack filled with school supplies, tooth paste, tooth brush, bath soap, and a face towel.

The party was held at a park where they had a Christmas program and afterwards, the kids enjoyed swimming in the park’s pool.


Samaritana Transformation Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization committed to sharing and living out the Gospel among Filipino women caught in prostitution, in partnership with other members of the Body of Christ.

Inspired by Jesus’ example, Samaritana reaches out to modern-day Samaritan women. By offering them community, friendship and accompaniment, these women are also slowly freed up to be who they truly are, as people loved just for who they are, regardless of their backgrounds, and valued for who they can yet become as they begin to trust in themselves and others and as they renew and pursue their dreams and aspirations.



IVCF rejoices that you share our vision to make the IVCF Learning Resource Center a place conducive for reading and study. We desire that the library will not only be a place “where the books are,” so to speak, but will literary rbe considered as primary esource center in the spiritual growth of the students, graduates and staff workers.

 We pray that the Learning Resource Center will be IVCF’s “living room”. Last August we received 52 books from MEANS Read-to-Grow Program adding to over 3350 titles. Your gift encouraged us all the more to pursue the project of restoring our IVCF Learning Resource Center. Some initial steps were taken like a major clean-up, making new inventories, and creating a friendlier borrowing system. Since then, we have seen more staff and students using the Resource Center.

In November the manual listing of the books were finished and as of now, 95% of the books have been appropriately categorized in different topics (i.e. Commentaries, Bible Aids, IVCF/IFES, Christology, etc). There are other steps we would like to take to reach our vision. We need to purchase new titles, furnishings, book shelves, electric fans, and air condition unit.

In summary, the Learniing Resource Center Project will entail $ 5 ,000.00. The target date of completion is June 30, 2009.Again, on behalf of IVCF Philippines, I thank you for sharing this vision and for your willingness to collaborate with us. Aldwin Roy L. Fernandez ,IVCF, Phil. Administrative Officer

Library Project: Creating a User-Friendly Study & Resource Center for IVCF

DESCRIPTION  This project envisions that the Library be a primary resource center for IVCF students, graduates and staff workers. The goals are to create a user-friendly Library system and to renovate in order make it conducive for study.  The ideal duration of the project is two months and its estimated cost is $5,000.00.



Goal #1 – To create a user-friendly Library system.

  • To complete the inventory of all books and resources.
  • To create a simple and user-friendly electronic database.
  • To create a borrower’s and catalogue system appropriate for users of the IVCF Library.

 Goal #2 – To renovate the IVCF Library and make it more conducive for study.

  • To add needed furnishings and equipment – additional bookshelves, study tables, lamps, sofa, electric fans and air-conditioning unit.
  • To acquire new titles relevant to the needs of the current staff, volunteers and students.


  • Room – one room in the IVCF National Office serves as the IVCF Library
  • Library Consultants -IVCF alumnae, Ms. Ruth Orteza, Head Librarian of the Asian Theological Seminary and  RG Guillermo, SVCF- UP Diliman finishing a degree in Library and Information Science.  They serve as consultants for free.
  • DVD Player


The IVCF Learning Resource Center  is frequently used by the staff members when they preparing for Bible studies, talks, sermons and expositions. An updated and well-stocked library will be greatly help in the staff’s plan for personal, spiritual growth and development.

 Students and graduate volunteers only use the library when choosing a Bible study plan for their small groups and when preparing for semestral break camps. It is our goal to make the library more useful and accessible to students and graduate volunteers by providing relevant titles and intentionally inviting them to avail of the resources in the Learning Center.

What is IVCF?

“We are basically a student and graduate movement.  We have stood to our belief that the more effective witnesses to non-Christians in the academic and professional world are their colleagues who are Christians.  IVCF’ers are missionaries in their respective spheres of influence.”

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Read To Grow Programs

anne_readingcenterWe  help start reading centers for children in poor communities in the Philippines.

It is our hope and prayer that these reading centers will be a place for underprivileged children to enjoy and learn from books with good moral values. We are not receiving funding for this program.

Funds for the project come from gifts of friends like you. We are proud to announce that we will be able to help 10 ministry partners in March 2009. They are Food for the Hungry, Share an Opportunity, Bacolod Cosmopolitan Church, Kalagan Community in Mindanao thru OMF Phil Serve, Bibles for 15 ISCF students in Good Shepherd School, Guimaras Island, and United Covenant Reformed Church in Davao City.

Many of our donors have given sacrificially and lovingly to our ministry partners. We are deeply moved and touched by your help.