Ministry Partners Update – August 2009

Christy – (name withheld for security reasons) shared that she has been given a bigger area of responsibility as Regional Secretary of a faith based organization in Eurasia. The Eurasia region includes countries like Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, etc.  Christy has to raise support for her region and also for herself.  While in the US to attend a conference hosted by... Continue Reading →


Summer in MEANS does not mean a lull in the volunteers' lives and activities.  This has been a busy summer for all of us with visits from friends and family from out of state, taking care of personal and family needs and attending seminars and conferences.   Some of us have taken short trips to refresh ourselves,... Continue Reading →


Sponsored 15 High School students attended the Training Camp sponsored by Inter Varsity Philippines,  “Dead Now Alive: reborn identity... this year's camp theme rightfully invites the students to rediscover their true identity - redeemed in Christ, living in the knowledge of His Word. This camp is divided into three tracks Evangelism, Discipleship and Leadership” Rachel IVCF... Continue Reading →

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