We are posting a newsletter from our MEANS long time ministry partner, Flor Ulan Taylor.

Flor was IVCF staff, working among high school students in the 70’s. God called her to study in England at All Nations College in England to prepare for full time missionary work.

That’s where she met Steve Taylor who had a call from God to serve in Thailand. After they got married, Flor and Steve went to Thailand as independent missionaries, sent by their home church (IVY Cottage Evangelical Church) in Didsbury, Manchester, England where Richard and Shirley Harbour (OMF missionaries on loan to ISCF) were the pastors.

Steve and Flor have been working with indigenous Thai churches under the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand (EFT) for nearly 30 years. They are faculty of Bangkok Bible Seminary where Steve is currently Dean.

Flor also authored a book published by OMF Litt entitled: “When God Tells You To Rest.” The book tells the story on God’s faithfulness to her when she was experiencing a ministry burn out. The book has become a blessing to many missionaries who had to deal with this problem in their ministry. We have some copies at home (for sale) if you are interested.

It was through the ministry of IVCF Philippines that Flor was trained, discipled and given the vision to serve God in full time missionary work.

Pray that future generations of IVCF students will respond to God’s call to serve in missions.
Let’s uphold them in our prayers. For those who want to get in touch with Flor, please email MEANS.

This new year update is so late!!! A number of good and exciting changes in our family have kept us occupied and the preparatory work for the accreditation of the seminary was quite demanding.
And in all that has happened, we PRAISE AND THANK THE LORD – HE IS TRULY GOOD!

FAMILY – David was with us over Christmas and he asked his Dad to baptise him in the sea (where, as a little boy, he had witnessed many baptisms of our Thai brethren). He is back in England and finding his work as a compliance and safety engineer challenging. He now regularly attends the Sunday evening service and the mid-week homegroup for young adults at St. David’s Church which he says he is enjoying.

Paul, who intended to stay with us for only 2 months and then go back to the UK to look for work, ended up landing a job in a Bangkok creative communications company! Paul testified in one of our Thai churches that it must be God who led! He started 22nd February.

Flor and Paul went to the Philippines early February – for Flor to get medical consultation and for Paul to get a new visa to Thailand. Flor is very thankful to her nephew-in-law (an ENT specialist) who examined her throat and explained in great detail what could be causing her throat problems. It was such a relief to hear a clear explanation of something that has been causing intermittent distress for 2 years now despite all the hospital visits and antibiotics. In short, Flor was seen to have crypted tonsils and was advised to have tonsillectomy. But it might have to be here in Thailand.

Steve has kept well and has been the helpful and dependable Dad that Paul and David have always known. It was quite moving seeing him give baptism “lessons” to David and later, baptising his own son.
Paul was also there to witness this lovely event (Paul was baptised in his school when he was 14, also at his own request).

– for Paul and David’s increasing surrender to God’s Lordship in their lives that they may fulfill His purposes for them in His Kingdom
– for God’s leading as to Flor’s tonsillectomy (presently canvassing different hospitals re prices)
– for continuing good health for Steve

MINISTRY – The accreditation process by the Asian Theological Association which the seminary has to undergo every 5 years went successfully. The accreditors were very pleased with the reports from the different departments.

Steve is going to Malacca, Malaysia on 28 February-5 March to teach on Asian contextualization to students of Master in Theology. On 8-12 March he teaches the Master of Ministry students here in Thailand. Both Steve and Flor will spend the rest of March in 3 conferences here in Thailand – the seminary’s year-end evaluation retreat, the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand conference and the Thailand Theological Association Conference.

May to September – Steve will be Acting Director of the Seminary as well as being Academic Dean. The BBS Director, Dr. Manoch Jangmook will take a 6-month sabbatical leave.

PLEASE PRAY – for safety in travel and for physical and spiritual strength for Steve in all that he is involved with in March. Please also pray for God’s wisdom and strengthening as he assumes a dual responsibility starting in May.

Thank you for praying for us. Many of you have prayed for Paul and David for years. Our God has been listening…and He is answering your prayers. We are truly grateful….. to you…… and to HIM.

Steve and Flor

ED: If you wish to get in touch with Flor, please send us an email at info@meansusa,org

Book features MEANS

Book Features MEANS
IVP published a book entitled “Kingdom without border: the untold story of global Christianity” just in time for Urbana 2009. It was also designated as one of the books of the day at the conference. Please see the link below and read. Some people that you know are included in the Introduction – What I learned from Filipinos. The introduction affirms positively our value as Filipinos in the Kingdom of God. See pages 15 – 19 and learn more about MEANS. If you are interested to purchase a copy, please contact us.
Here’s an exerpt:
“Through MEANS, missionaries are blessed, donors are blessed, and volunteers are blessed, as MEANS ushers them into a larger world.

“If we weren’t volunteers with MEANS, we’d buy a big house and a big car, and spend all our time going to parties,” one couple told Lina and Carmena.

“Our values have totally changed though our work with MEANS,”

Miriam Adeney, Author of Kingdom Without Borders
Click Link to read more about this book:


Moving Forward 2010

New Waves; New Winds @ MEANS

1.Donor Partnership – develop growing givers’ hearts in our donors. We will take intentional steps to communicate in order to reach the goal of heart transformation in giving towards missions.
* Tell your story. We will share with you stories from our donors of how giving has been a blessing to them. If you have a story to share, email MEANS.
* Cultivate and Sustain. We will continue to cultivate relationship with our donors and ministry partners. Although, the task can be demanding at times, we have found out that establishing authentic friendship with our donors by praying for them, sending newsletters, emailing to them and even sending small notes to encourage, are much more effective than promotion and advertisement.

2.Volunteer Partnership: to make our volunteers understand that they are part of the bigger picture in God’s kingdom building.
* Adopt a missionary – Our front line missionaries need us to pray for them and to be encouraged as they do the work of the Kingdom in different parts of the world. This year, we would like to focus on our missionaries in Maesot Thailand, our scholars at Febias College of Bible, and other missionary partners.
* Leadership Training – The annual MEANS retreat will continue to provide training to the MEANS volunteers. In addition, we will continue to attend the annual COSIM (Coalition on the Support of Indigenous Ministries) and Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit.
* Volunteer Recruitment – We are on the look out for new volunteers especially a lawyer who has expertise in non profit organization. We also need new volunteers who are writers, accountants, good in networking, mission mobilizers and prayer warriors. Please pray that God will give us faithful and godly volunteers.

3.Ministry Partners—to strengthen our relationship with our ministry partners.

* Prospect and Pursue— to pursue new global partners: 1 country. 1 Filipino. 1 Missionary.
* Pray and Encourage— we will continue to encourage our donors to pray for our missionaries. We are thinking of creative ways on how we can encourage them as they face difficult challenges in the mission field.
* Coach and Train—we will continue to send leaders to training seminars in the Philippines; we will help them do fund raising here in the US; we will conduct one on one training for visiting missionaries. we will help them do fund raising here in the US; we will conduct one on one training for visiting missionaries.