We are posting a newsletter from our MEANS long time ministry partner, Flor Ulan Taylor. Flor was IVCF staff, working among high school students in the 70’s. God called her to study in England at All Nations College in England to prepare for full time missionary work. That’s where she met Steve Taylor who had... Continue Reading →

Book features MEANS

Book Features MEANS IVP published a book entitled “Kingdom without border: the untold story of global Christianity” just in time for Urbana 2009. It was also designated as one of the books of the day at the conference. Please see the link below and read. Some people that you know are included in the Introduction... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward 2010

New Waves; New Winds @ MEANS 1.Donor Partnership - develop growing givers’ hearts in our donors. We will take intentional steps to communicate in order to reach the goal of heart transformation in giving towards missions. * Tell your story. We will share with you stories from our donors of how giving has been a... Continue Reading →

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