Christmas Ministry Projects


Our focus for this Christmas is to help ministry partners ministering to children at risk in different parts of the globe.

Precious Jewels Ministry (PJM) – PJM is based in San Lazarus Hospital in Manila, Philippines. They minister to poor children and families affected by HIV/ Aids related diseases. Each summer, they host a week family camp for the children and families they are helping. It is a week of fun, learning to love Jesus and just to get away from the reality that some of them are terminally ill because of HIV/AIDS. MEANS would like to put a smile to the children faces who will be attending the family camp. We will give each child a backpack filled with school supplies, like pencil, notebook, crayons, ruler and more; tooth paste, toothbrush, bath soap, face towel, and a New Testament. And of course a pair of Thongs (flip-flop Rubber slippers). Maybe to some, this will be their first and last special gift. href=””>

Dakila Church (PND) – is located in the slum community of Batasan Hill, Metro Manila, Philippines. Each year about 100 children from the area attend a 2 week vacation bible classes. The teachers not only share the gospel to the children who attend the DBVS but they are also reaching out to their parents. In partnership with Nurses Christian Fellowship in Manila, volunteer nurses will come and teach them about sanitation and cleanliness for 2 days. Your gift will provide a backpack, a pair of Thongs, tooth paste, tooth brush, bath soap, and face towel.

Elpis Ministry – Maesot, Thailand – 4 Filipina missionaries who started Elpis School in Maesot, Thailand, laboring to share the goodness of God’s love and care to about 500 migrant Burmese children. These children are getting free education, free school supplies and free food! They create crafts and sell in the area to help sustain their ministry and to train older children livelihood skills like weaving, baking, sewing and craft.

Red Karen Children’s Camp – we have partnered with New Tribes Mission Filipino missionaries Peter and Ochie Bangcong who work among the Red Karen Tribe in Northwestern Thailand along the border of Cambodia and Thailand. Each summer they sponsor a 2 week bible camp for about 100 children from the Red Karen Tribe.

Read to Grow Projects – An ongoing project in MEANS is the RTG (Read to Grow) project. For this year, we have partnered with Lamp Stand Church in Bacolod City who holds bible study classes in the F.F. Gonzaga School, located in an urban poor community in Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines. We will provide children’s books with Christian values published by OMF Publisher in the Philippines. Our goal is to help establish reading corners in each classroom and give out bibles to each 80 students. Your gift of $25.00 will help purchase 25 titles of children’s books.

MEANS thank you for another year of supporting the Lord’s workers in Asia. More lives are impacted for eternity every day as we consider our role in reaching the world for the Lord Jesus. Even though His story began so many years before Christmas Day, we are reminded on a yearly basis about what Christ Jesus did for us on the cross to provide salvation to all. Rejoice!


A Prayer of Thanksgiving to God for the MEANS Volunteers

Thank you God for inviting us to serve you in MEANS ministry. It has always been a great privilege to us.

Thank you for sending dedicated and faithful volunteers to MEANS. And for their steadfastness through the years.

Thank you God for the MEANS volunteers – for expressing their love to you by their generosity, not only in giving their time, sharing the skills that you have gifted them with, but also for sharing their financial resources as they serve you in MEANS, being generous in giving to the missionaries and the needy.

Thank you for the way that our volunteers have given the leadership of MEANS the freedom and space to make decisions of what projects to do and who to support in the mission field. They have always trusted us to do the right thing, being patient in carrying with us the weight of the ministry and forgiving the mistakes that we have made.

Thank you God for the hospitality of our volunteers, for housing the MEANS office, for opening their homes to missionaries and friends who visit MEANS each year, for their open hearts and open hands in accepting even strangers in their midst.

Thank you God for giving us volunteers who are sensitive to one another, forgiving and loving one another, and accepting one another.
Thank you Lord for giving us the assurance that as we serve you with what is in our hands, no matter how small, as long as we give it to you willingly and with all our hearts, you will accept the offering, and use it to bless others as well.

On this Thanksgiving Day, may our hearts be filled with joy, knowing that we have a God who is good, faithful, and unchangeable, a God who we can utterly trust because You have demonstrated Your love for us, when you sent your Son, our Lord Jesus to die for us. Thank you for “rescuing us from the dominion of darkness and bringing us into the kingdom of your beloved Son.” (Colossians 1:13, NIV)

Now, Lord, this Thanksgiving Day, as an expression of our gratitude, we dedicate ourselves anew to you to serve you. Strengthen us to love you with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. Enable us to love our neighbors, as well. May you be glorified in all that we say and do. Amen!

Hats for Thongs

These crochet hats are specially crafted by Lilette Cruz for The Thongs Project. With every hat you purchase at $5.00 each, MEANS will give 5 new pairs of Thongs (flip-flops) to 5 children in need in the Philippines.

Make check payable: MEANS
Mail to: PO Box 8434, Bartlett, IL 60103

In a few weeks after we receive your order and donation, MEANS will send you a receipt. If you wish to place an order to give as a gift or to honor someone this Christmas, please contact us.