Flavor of the Month: Katie Borromeo

This coming fall, MEANS’ “first baby” will be heading to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Growing up . . . Katie has grown up in Illinois.  She attended a Catholic school for 9 years before attending Wheaton Academy her freshman year of high school.  After her freshman year she transferred to West Chicago Community High School.  It... Continue Reading →

Balikatan 2011

A Challenge to Filipinos in the Diaspora “Scattered and Shared” was the theme of the annual Balikatan (IVCF alumni group from the Philippines in North America) Conference, held at UC Berkeley, CA from July 1-3.   One of the speakers was Miriam Adeney, PH.D,  author of the book, Kingdom without Border, missiologist, and  professor at Seattle... Continue Reading →

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