MEANS ministry partner Elpis Ministries based in Maesot, Thailand continue their ministry to migrant Burmese children through various ways. MEANS support their garden project, egg ministry, and some other projects. Photos show missionary Gaudie Micotuan and children of the village sharing produce of the garden. Elpis missionaries who are Filipino independent missionaries, a couple, Ton... Continue Reading →

COME, LET US EXALT HIS NAME TOGETHER  At the end of school year 2016,  MEANS sponsored 11 student leaders from three different regions in the Philippines: Northern Mindanao, West Visayas and Central Visayas to attend the month long leadership and discipleship training camp of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of the Philippines from April 9 to May... Continue Reading →

MEANS Education Scholarship Initiative (ESI)

Our goal is to develop Christian leaders, enabling young men and women to bring change to their families, communities and the nation. Young people selected for ESI have distinguished themselves by academic excellence, active involvement in Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Philippines (IVCF) programs, attended at least one IVCF leadership training, and exercising leadership in the IVCF... Continue Reading →

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