FF Gonzaga Elementary School Read to Grow Reading Park


Teachers from F. F. Gonzaga Elementary School attended MEANS Read to Grow workshop in Bacolod City last June 3, 2017. It is one of the schools that will receive books from AT and T FACES/MEANS book drive. In preparation for the books arrival we asked our partner in Bacolod City to paint the library. A beautiful environment is much more conducive to reading and learning.

Two teachers who are in charge of the library attended the MEANS Read to Grow workshop.

RTG 13

To supplement the need for more reading space, a READING PARK was also created in the school ground, with children helping to clear the area.


RTG 12



SAMARITANA GENERAL FUND – Supports the general operations of Samaritana, including direct services to women, advocacy, and alliance building programs. (R1184)

  1. STAFF SUPPORT – Supports missionaries Jonathan & Thelma Nambu (R1543)
  2. OUTREACH PROGRAM – The streets and the bars where the women work are where we begin to establish friendship and rapport with the women. Home visitation follows to know them and their situation better. We also explore preventive programs for vulnerable teens in a vulnerable community. US$50/month supports outreach interventions. (R1894)
  3. CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM – We assist the children of the women to complete their education, starting from elementary until high school, as a preventive measure. US$25/month supports one child scholar. (R1896)
  4. AFTERCARE TRAINING PROGRAM – Those who are interested and willing to pursue change participate in Samaritana’s Puso, Isip, Kamay (Heart, Head, Hand) holistic Leadership Program where they learn new skills for life, healthy relationships and livelihood. US$25/month supports one woman’s expenses during the holistic aftercare-training program. (R1895)
  5. SERVICE PROVIDER RETREATS – Those who give care also need care. Samaritana offers retreats for aftercare service providers among its staff as well as other members of the Kaakbay Coalition of Faith-based Service Providers. US$60 subsidizes one aftercare worker or urban poor minister for a 2-night guided spiritual retreat. (R1898)


TOUCHED BY FRIENDSHIP Samaritana 25th Anniversary

The 25th anniversary event of Samaritana at Wheaton was not one that was flashy and extravagant.  It was simple but elegant.  It was one where from beginning to end one feels connected to each other by virtue of friendship and by virtue of a shared pilgrimage each one has in Samaritana’s life and journey.

Our faithful friends from MEANS were there to set the space with beautiful flowers on each round table, delicious Filipino food and to clean up the room after the event. Like seasoned volunteers who would meet regularly every third Saturday of each month to process the love gifts for missionaries in Asia who began their ministries without any international backing in the US, every member of MEANS who came for the event came with the same spirit of servanthood we have experienced from them all these years. As Executive Director Carmena Cruz, said, “Our friendship with Jonathan goes beyond the 25 years of Samaritana’s existence and of his marriage with Thelma. So we have actually been there from the start of Samaritana.”

Our long time friendships. Friends, Betty and Gee Meneses, also came early for the event.  Betty, who served as over-all coordinator for the event, has been communicating with Jonathan two months before the event. Betty also played the flute while Nathan Strand played the violin for a duet special number, “Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken”.

Tim and Ann Schwaar, who led the worship time during our wedding, were also there to lead the singing.  Jonathan Crail, sometimes called First John to distinguish himself from Jonathan who was called Second John in the early days of their friendship, gave a timely message on Prayer.

Celebration with friends. Friends have been our richest blessings since day one of Samaritana as an organization.  How blessed we were to have so many of them at Samaritana’s 25th anniversary celebration!  As someone once said, “How beautiful a day can be when friendship touches it.”

Jonathan and Thelma Nambu, Samaritana – Founders and Executive Directors



Inspired by Jesus’ example, we reach out to the modern-day Samaritan woman, offering each one community and friendship. We seek deep transformation both within ourselves and within those we’ve been called to serve. And we have the true privilege to watch as these women are freed to be who they truly are, as they begin to trust in themselves and in others, and as they renew and pursue their dreams. samaritana.org