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MEANS purposes
I. The primary purpose of MEANS shall be to promote the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ among the people in East Asia and by East Asians worldwide.

II. MEANS shall serve as a financial bridge between donors in the U.S. and recipients in East Asia and anywhere that East Asians serve missions worldwide.

III. MEANS shall participate in the training and encouragement of missionaries in and from East Asia, and senders in the East Asian expatriate community

MEANS achieves these purposes by acting as:
• A Bridge between donors and recipients.
• A prayer link that bathes missions around the world in prayer.
• An information network that keeps mission-minded people in touch.
• A voice for indigenous missions to the church community
• A source of training and encouragement of missionaries.
• Helping hands motivating volunteers to work towards the Great Commission
• MEANS is an all-volunteer organization

MEANS based in Illinois, USA is an international, non-profit, Christian organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel and helping the needy by partnering with churches, mission groups, missionaries in East Asia and East Asians worldwide.  Click link:

 Since 1971, MEANS has been serving as mission mobilizer,seeking partners in the US to support indigenous missions in Asia.


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