1. Online Giving. Just click the icon below and this will walk you through.  Most major credit card or Debit card through the PayPal Service are honored – we accept donations and process credit cards through PayPal or Qgive. Click link here. The donor logins to PayPal service on-line and make the donation; the deposit is sent directly to MEANS Bank account. Charges: Donor pays for the processing fee of 3% of its total donation. Example: Donor donates $100.00; Donor pays $3.00 for the service charge; $97.00 will be recorded as the donation. Benefit: you can do this on-line at your convenience; you can use most of the major credit cards. Secured online Giving

2. Personal check – Write a Check Payable to: MEANS – write us a note to tell us the designation of the  gift. Option: send post dated checks for the whole year. MAIL TO: CARMENA CRUZ, PO BOX 8434 , BARTLETT, IL 60103

3. Bank Advise – if you do banking on-line, you can advise your bank to issue a check payable to MEANS. Let us know what information your bank requires for the initial set up.

4. Payroll Deduction – please send us the form from your company and we will comply with the requirements.

5. Automatic Monthly Giving – ACH  (Automated Clearing House): This is simple to use. The donor signs a  one-time pre-authorized payment form and a copy of a voided check; forward  these documents to MEANS. Funds are debited directly from the donor’s bank account. The monthly pledge amount will then be paid automatically until the donor advice us to stop. Please request for Donor Authorization Form. The donor is charged 35 cents for  each check issued. Charges: Donor gives a one time processing charge of $ 4.20 per year.

Benefit to the Donor: savings postage and check cost ($5.28 for postage)

Designation of gifts: Please help us in processing your gift correctly.  We will use the same designation as your previous gift, unless you notify us otherwise. If you have changes in the allocation of your gift, please send this information to by the 10th of the month in order to get the processing done correctly. If you are a new donor, please email us a brief note the name of the recipient. Thank you.

MEANS Admin Fee Policy:  The administrative fee is 6% applicable to all donations. The administrative fee will be capped at $1,000.00 per gift.  Individual donations under $16,666.67 will have a rate of 6%. You will receive a receipt each month you send a donation to confirm your gift.  All donations through MEANS are tax-deductible in the US.

Will I get a Receipt for my donation? Thank you for your donation. MEANS is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization base in Chicago. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law in USA. We are ECFA approved member for financial accountability and integrity. We process donations every third Saturday of the month and mail the donation receipts on the fourth week of each month. 

Why Partner with MEANS?

We encourage you to inform your donors in the US about the benefits in partnering with MEANS. Not only will the dollars go a long way towards your ministry; your donors will also get a US IRS tax deduction; and MEANS will make sure that donor gifts will be received in a timely and secure manner. MEANS also prays for both the donors and the recipients regularly.

Why Give through MEANS?

1. MEANS makes it easy to send funds directly to your organization. We handle the paperwork, consolidate donations, and take care of the international postage for you or banking fees where applicable.

2. MEANS can help you promote your organization to your donors in the US.

3. MEANS has a good delivery record. We ensure that gifts designated to your organization reach you on a timely manner.

4. MEANS Confidentiality – Confidential donor information is protected so that the relationship of trust between the donor and MEANS is upheld. MEANS does not reveal confidential information to unauthorized persons or parties. MEANS does not publish or sell its lists to other organizations.

5. MEANS is a US-based non-profit group, so your donors’ gifts through MEANS are US tax deductible as required by the US laws.

6. MEANS is a member of Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

What is ECFA? – Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is committed to helping Christ-centered organizations earns the public’s trust through developing and maintaining standards of accountability that convey God-honoring ethical practices.

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