Volunteers 2018

GroupGreetings in Jesus!  Just want to get in touch with you to inquire how you are doing.    We have been thinking about you and your family and hoping all is well with you.

We have just finished our MEANS Annual Retreat last September 1-3, 2018.  The retreat helped us to refocus our eyes again on the legacy of serving the Lord Jesus Christ in the ministry of MEANS.  We had more time to sit and think about where we stand in terms of our commitment in building God’S kingdom here on earth.

Thank you very much for praying with and for us and the partnership with you in the ministry of MEANS. We would like to pray for you also, so please feel free to share with us your prayer requests.

If you are on Facebook, please send me a private message if you have some prayer requests and I can assure you that we will include you in our prayers every MEANS workday.

Thank you very much and all God’s blessings and best to you.

Lina Padilla

MEANS Board Chair

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  1. Reading the updates inspired me more to continue what we have started. Thank you Ate Lina Padilla and Ate Carmena Pagsuberon Cruz for the partnership in our ministry. Thank you for your willingness to be used by God in expanding His Territory. Damu na salamat. Im excited to meet you someday and introduce to you the students that Means Connect supported for camps and other activities who are now active in leading small group and excelled in thier academics. Damu na salamat po

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