Help Kawayan Camp

Invest in the training of  Filipino students to become servants leaders for the building and expansion of God’s Kingdom in the Philippines.

Contributor - Enriano Agnila Jr

This summer, student leaders from different campuses all over the Philippines will gather at  Camp Bato in Cebu, Philippines to  learn what it means to be a servant  and to follow Jesus as Lord of their lives.  The month long training that they will receive in Kawayan Camp is something that they will never forget.  Many of those who attended have now become missionaries in foreign fields, pastors, CEOs of development organizations, teachers/professors, and businessmen.  One thing is common to all of them:  they honor and serve God in their field of work and in their homes. A few weeks ago over a cup of coffee,  we (Carmena and Lina) talked about  how we can be more creative in helping IVCF students raise funds for their Kawayan Camp registration fees which has increased  to  $250 per college student (about 11,000 in Philippine Peso). We thought of  “Work for  a Cause”  projects, as opposed to MEANS just simply asking money from you, our donors. We believe that helping students financially to be able to attend Kawayan Camp should not be a dole out but something that the students will have to earn. One advantage of the program is that students will learn to be bold, entrepreneurial and creative in their fundraising.  Hopefully it will help them to become good stewards of the money they will receive from this program. This is also strategic as we collaborate with our ministry partners in teaching   them to work together as a group.

work for a causeAn  example of our Work for a Cause Project is by making and selling bottled peanut butter.  MEANS sponsored to feed 60 poor families in Cudal, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.  The IV student volunteers distributed bread and 2 bottles of peanut butter to each family.  That is a total of 120 bottles for 60 families.. MEANS  matched the sale of every peanut butter bottle.  Peso to  Peso. Buy One. Give One. (BOGO). You see, when you give $10.00 to buy 4 bottles of peanut butter, you help 2 families; you give one opportunity to an IV student to attend KC. Not only that, your purchase will be matched by MEANS.  Buy one. Give one. (BOGO).

Here is your opportunity to give. When you give, you give one opportunity to an IV student to attend KC. We are looking for sponsors to give to these projects.  Please see details of our other Work  for a Cause  projects on the other side of this letter.

Thank you very much for your faithfulness and generosity in supporting the summer camps and conferences of  IVCF Philippines.

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