Samaritana Children


Samaritana Children – Metro Manila, Philippines
 Your gifts had helped children of sexually exploited women through our partnership with Samaritana Ministries.

Last December 2008 MEANS sponsored the Christmas party for the children, each child received a brand new back pack filled with school supplies, tooth paste, tooth brush, bath soap, and a face towel.

The party was held at a park where they had a Christmas program and afterwards, the kids enjoyed swimming in the park’s pool.


Samaritana Transformation Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization committed to sharing and living out the Gospel among Filipino women caught in prostitution, in partnership with other members of the Body of Christ.

Inspired by Jesus’ example, Samaritana reaches out to modern-day Samaritan women. By offering them community, friendship and accompaniment, these women are also slowly freed up to be who they truly are, as people loved just for who they are, regardless of their backgrounds, and valued for who they can yet become as they begin to trust in themselves and others and as they renew and pursue their dreams and aspirations.


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