Greetings in Jesus Christ our Lord!   Observing the season of Lent, meditating on the life of  Jesus Christ and his sufferings on the cross, help us to remember what great thing God has done for us.  Jesus Christ rising from the dead has given us hope that the God we believe in is Lord of... Continue Reading →

Read To Grow Impact

Read to Grow Impact It’s an eye opener to us that many volunteers involved in RTG come from broken families where either of the parent abandoned their children. Many live in poverty, yet they continue to serve in RTG community. One of them is the Villar Family from the community of Bangga Planta in Bago... Continue Reading →

Livelihood Impact

MEANS Livelihood Program Impact MEANS do not just support ministries financially. We maintain relationships with our ministry partners by encouraging them and showing them that we are also interested in them as people, PARTNERS and CO LABORERS in Kingdom building, making sure that they are not alone, but that God is with and for them... Continue Reading →

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