“Starting January 1. 2023,  we started our first church worship service at the Barangay Cabug outreach as a result of our Read to Grow teaching sessions in this community.  We started with a bible study and now have a regular attendance of 25-30 adults and children.” – Ann Rutor, Read to Grow Himaya “Glory to... Continue Reading →


MEANS Read to Grow Ministry RTG Early Beginnings,  In early 2017, we visited the school in Bacolod City where Ann Rutor has been teaching for more than 20 years. At the meeting with Ann, I saw her passion to teach school children who have reading deficiency. Ann attended our first MEANS READ TO GROW WORKSHOP... Continue Reading →


Greetings in Jesus Christ our Lord!   Observing the season of Lent, meditating on the life of  Jesus Christ and his sufferings on the cross, help us to remember what great thing God has done for us.  Jesus Christ rising from the dead has given us hope that the God we believe in is Lord of... Continue Reading →

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