Why Give this Christmas

We are greatly blessed by you who generously give through us, and we are greatly blessed to give generously to our ministry partners. At MEANS we orient our entire ministry around generous giving. We love giving because in giving, we honor God, who created all, sustains all, and owns all—including our resources, gifts, talents, time,... Continue Reading →

2019 MEANS Retreat

Means Retreat 2019 Impressions by Faith Cheng  Take My Life and Let it Be was the theme song of this year’s MEANS Retreat, and one of many worship songs and hymns that we sang together to open up our time. I was sitting in a fellowship hall with 20 uncles and aunties who all pitched... Continue Reading →

Easter gift. Give Rice.

Rice Bucket Challenge: Looking Back and Praising God.  When I was young, my family could only afford to buy rice by the kilos. In the Philippines, growing up, I noticed that only the rich can afford to buy sacks of rice. When we ran out of rice, my mom would give some money to buy... Continue Reading →

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