MEANS Retreat 2018

Interview with the Del Carmen family 

The retreat gave us an opportunity to get to know our newest MEANS volunteers who have been volunteering for one and a half years together with their parents:  the Del Carmen Family.  Edwin and Jerelyn del Carmen, their two children, Elizabeth and Emmanuel and their parents, Boyet and Remy Otinguey Labrador joined the retreat for the first time.  Edwin and Jerelyn are registered nurses in the State of Illinois.


Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living?

Ed and Jerelyn:  We  are blessed to be RNs, have 2 kids, and new to MEANS.

Remy:  I am a stay at home mother all my life, a master in household chores.


How did you come to know about MEANS?

Kuya Rampi (a MEANS volunteer) is a church mate at Willow Creek Huntley. In February 2017, he asked us if we have Filipino friends in the area, since we just moved to Huntley in December 2015 and my parents just arrived in November 2016. He invited us to come to their house every third Saturday of the month as there is an “activity” in their basement. We got curious and first came in March 2017.

Why do you want to volunteer at MEANS?

Good food for good people with good talk/fellowship!  As we came month by month, we learned to love the mission and the core values of MEANS. We want to be individuals that spread the Gospel, help the needy, and partner with missionaries. We want to become channels of blessings by contributing our time and skills.

Looking at long-time volunteers, it made us amazed at the commitment they have to the group. Their kids grew up in a community of believers and so we hope the same for our kids too. We long to be surrounded by wise people, who could mold, guide, and encourage us to use the  God-given talents that we have. The MEANS Prayer Link helps a lot too, making us confident that a group of people is praying to God on our behalf.

Remy:  I contribute a dish each workday. I feel happy whenever the food that I bring is appreciated.

What is your impression on your first workday at MEANS?

Overwhelmed and confused but felt welcomed! Though we did not understand fully the process or system at first, we felt that we belonged and decided to come again to learn more about the group and its projects.

This is your first year with MEANS. What have you learned as a volunteer?

We have learned that there are still selfless people from all walks of life, gifted individuals that come together every month, generous human beings who are willing to share their time, talents and treasures to expand and further God’s kingdom. In addition, we’ve learned that God will pour joy in your heart as you let Him use you as channels of blessings to reach out to people and His ministries.

What is your dream for MEANS?

That God will continue to use MEANS to bless people in East Asia through the many projects, that He will encourage donors to give more and keep their trust in the ministry.


Danthea Memorial Fund


Danthea Palabrica Memorial Fund. We have established the Danthea Palabrica Memorial Fund to honor Dan’s 15 years of faithful volunteer service to the Lord in the MEANS Ministry.  Dan recently passed on after a nine-year battle with breast cancer.  All memorial gifts will be given to her favorite charity, the Faith House of Elpis Ministries in Maesot, Thailand.

Faith House is a safe-house for at risk Burmese girls living in the border of Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). Run by three Filipina women, Faith House gives girls a place to live, study, hear and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ safe from the danger of forced labor, sex trafficking, and violence, all common in war-torn Burma.  Elpis Ministries was started by Filipina independent missionaries in 2003, in response to God’s call to help at risk children, especially girls, who were escaping from war torn Burma.

Thank you for honoring Danthea through your gift. Your gift is US-IRS tax-deductible. We are a 501 © 3 nonprofit, religious organization. (R1947)

To Donate online :

Mail your Gift to: Make Check payable to : MEANS , PO Box  8434, Bartlett, IL 60103

Danthea Homecoming


Danthea Palabrica, our faithful MEANS archivist celebrated her first birthday in heaven yesterday morning, May 17, 2018

15 Years in serving MEANS – She served the Lord faithfully as a MEANS volunteer for 15 years. Physical illness did not deter Dan from coming to the workday. She was always eager to serve God, consistent as a clock every 3rd Saturday of each month. She set her doctor’s appointment in such a way that she was able to attend MEANS workday or MEANS retreat.


MEANS stands for Missions East Asian National Support. It is a 501 (c ) (3) mission group dedicated to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, help the poor and the needy and Filipino missionaries.

Dan was our archivist. She kept MEANS records meticulously and in order to help us find documents needed during MEANS audit.  She was also responsible for posting encouraging and inspiring quotes and verses on our MEANS CONNECT FB timeline every day, until February 2017, when her illness got worst.  Dan’s last posting on MEANS Connect was February 21, 2018.

Let your speech always be with grace. (Colossians 4:6)

“We as Christians ought to be sensitive to the needs, hurts and disappointments of others that no unkind words come from our lips and no harsh tone is heard in our voices — even if we find it necessary to be firm. The difference being between being an offense or a blessing is sometimes just a manner of speaking. -R. W. De Haan

Danthea graduated on top (Magna Cum Laude) of her nursing class at Central Philippine University in Iloilo and was number 3  in the nursing board exams. She was Clinical Instructor at CPU before coming to the US. She worked for many years at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Dan was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2009.  God was gracious in extending her life for 10 years which is a miracle. Within those years, she did not miss attending MEANS workday and retreat except when she felt so sick due to chemotherapy.  I can say we have witness how a true follower of Jesus lived among us.

Thank you for honoring Danthea through your gift. All memorial gifts will be forwarded to her favorite charity the Elpis Ministries based in Maesot, Thailand, being managed by three Women Filipino missionaries. Your gift is tax-deductible.

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