Highlights on God’s Work in 2018

Stories to be Told: Highlights on God’s Work in 2018

FLIPFLOPSo many stories have been woven in 2018 by God’s powerful and merciful hands. They are so many to be counted. We have been surprised many times as to how these stories unfolded. To us they are like tapestries. When you look at the back of a tapestry that is being woven, it looks like a mess. You would see knotted threads with different colors. It is difficult to figure out the shape of what is being woven. It is opaque, vague and undefined. But we do not look at the back of the tapestry with its many knotted details and colors. We look at the front part and admire how beautiful is the finished work of art of the weaver. God is our Master Weaver. He is the Master Designer, the One who keeps on weaving to make beautiful tapestries of stories for His children.  The stories we share with you here come from our ministry partners. These are stories that came out of what God wanted us to do – to build the Kingdom of God in places where He should be known as the Lord of all. Behind each story is the hand of God at work in unique and different ways in each person’s life. We ask that you open your eyes so you can see the work of God and give praises to Him Who deserves it all.

Flip Flop Project

In our partnership with IVCF Tacloban (Eastern Visayas), we aim to help them apply what they are learning from their Bible studies by reaching out to their own community. Since December is the season of gift giving, the timing was perfect! With the support of MEANS, a plan was conceived to distribute flip flops to children at a Haiyan survivors’ relocation community –  Barangay Guadalupe in Tacloban City. When a group of graduates, IVCF students and staff went there, the children and parents welcomed them with joy. They taught songs, dances and games. There was food and distribution of flip flops afterwards.

A volunteer shares: “The impact of our community outreach in my personal life is that it has inspired me in my role as a leader and a social worker assistant. I was challenged to be more faithful and to have a kind heart. I want to be a good person by doing good things and to share good deeds. The experience has helped me to become a better follower of Christ.  I  learned that it is indeed better to give than to receive. “ – Alfred John Perez de la Cruz, 1st year civil engineering student

2018 Ministry Projects

MEANS Development Goal: Why do we do what we do? “The goal is to see people transformed to be what God created them to be; people who understand that they are created in the image of God with the gifts, abilities, and capacities to make decisions and to effect change in the world around them; people who steward their lives, communities, resources, and relationships in order to bring glory to God.” Steve Corbett –When Helping Hurts

These are the year-end MEANS ministry projects in the Philippines. We collaborate with our local ministry partners because they have the information, network, capacity and volunteers.

1. Care of Creation – We plant fruit trees native to the local community. The trees will help in greening, clean the air, prevent erosion and flooding in the community.

a. Bohol – Cortes, Bohol – 200 fire tree seedlings were planted in the forest preserve (this project is completed)

b. Cebu – Barangay Busay, Cebu City – to plant fruit trees in the forest preserve

b. San Carlos City, Negros Occidental – bamboo seedlings will be planted along the river banks. In the future, the community can harvest the bamboo for bamboo by-products.

c. Under His Wings – Cagayan De Oro – fruit trees will be planted in the campsite

2. Prison Visit – Our goal is creativity in reaching out to the inmates by sharing Christ’s compassion and bringing the true spirit of Christmas. There will be a Christmas program, distribution of flip-flops, goodies and Christian literature.

a. Burauen Distrck Jail – Burauen, Leyte

b. San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

c. Social Development Center – Taculing, Bacolod

3. Work for a Cause – Send one student. Serve one Community. What is work for a cause? MEANS believes that helping students financially to attend student training seminars should not be a dole out but something that the students will have to earn by cleaning or painting school toilets.

a. Negros Oriental University, Sta Catalina Campus – Dumaguete City

b. Cebu Technical School, Cebu City

4. Protect Children. Child Advocacy – Partnering with local ministry organizations engaging in advocacy that typically seek to protect children’s rights. Posters – we want to reproduce these and distribute to schools in Bacolod.

a. Human trafficking Awareness Program, Bacolod City. MEANS will sponsor local teachers, church leaders and school administrators to attend this seminar.

5. Youth Day – There will be gift giving so the youth will experience the compassion of Christ through this event. Youth day camp is a memorable experience in a child’s life. The opportunity to play games, make new friends, and learn about God’s love in a fun environment is a rare experience for the children we serve. Youth day. Agents of change.

a. Badjao community, Cebu City

b. Daga Elementary School, Cadiz, Negros Occidental

c. Cabunao Elementary School – San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

d. Seguinon National High School, Ormoc City, Leyte

e. Tumalaong, Bukidnon – a community of indigent families Under His Wings – serving urban poor communities in Cagayan De Oro

f. Precious Jewel Ministries – ministering to families affected by HIV in Metro Manila

6. Education Scholarship – Our goal is to develop Christian leaders, enabling young men and women to bring change to their families, communities and the nation. These young people are actively involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) programs, attend IVCF leadership training and exercise leadership in their school. The school tuition fees are being provided by the Philippine government for free. So, we supplement their other expenses like school supplies and housing rental. This year we have 5 students from Philippine Normal University, Cadiz, Negros Occidental. This Christmas we will have the opportunity to invite their parents for lunch and give gift baskets with Christmas goodies to these families. Philippine Normal University – Cadiz, Negros Occidental

Volunteers 2018

GroupGreetings in Jesus!  Just want to get in touch with you to inquire how you are doing.    We have been thinking about you and your family and hoping all is well with you.

We have just finished our MEANS Annual Retreat last September 1-3, 2018.  The retreat helped us to refocus our eyes again on the legacy of serving the Lord Jesus Christ in the ministry of MEANS.  We had more time to sit and think about where we stand in terms of our commitment in building God’S kingdom here on earth.

Thank you very much for praying with and for us and the partnership with you in the ministry of MEANS. We would like to pray for you also, so please feel free to share with us your prayer requests.

If you are on Facebook, please send me a private message if you have some prayer requests and I can assure you that we will include you in our prayers every MEANS workday.

Thank you very much and all God’s blessings and best to you.

Lina Padilla

MEANS Board Chair