Nanette Young


How did you learn about …
(Nannette – Middle) I heard and learned about MEANS through Christine Borromeo. I called Christine a couple of times on a Saturday and got Katie’s reply: “MEANS”. I wondered what it is. Christine told me what they did during workdays. She invited me to a MEANS Christmas party . I liked most of the MEANS volunteers right away. When Christine asked me to go with them one Saturday, I said: “Yes.” I am now counting 6 years as a volunteer.

Why did you get involve …
In the beginning, I went to the workday with Christine and Ken. It was something meaningful to do on a Saturday instead of just sitting and watching television. Then I met people like Juliet and Danny, Christy, and others. They shared with us their work, their triumphs and disappointments, their needs and sometimes their fears. These are real people I got to know, special people, chosen by GOD, to do a special work for Him. I believe that knowing people like them and being around people who are dedicated to help others can only make me a better person.

What excites you …
I always feel fulfilled if I think about my work at MEANS. And it is also the reactions of people when I tell them that I am a MEANS volunteer. I see a look of approval, a little of admiration and sometimes a little surprise. It is a good feeling. If a lot of people seem to approve on what you are doing, I guess I am on the right track. Friends, fellowship, always, always fun on work days. Food! The is the only day of the month that I eat real food.

My heart was shattered …
I consider myself a person with a deep faith. Without my faith, I do not know if I would have gotten this far in my life. When my sister and I left for the States, the hardest part for us was leaving my Dad and my older brother. We did not plan to stay in the US forever. .
About a year and a half later, my brother was shot at our farm. He was 36. Later, my father got sick with cancer. I went back to the Philippines to take care of my father until he passed away. Losing my father and brother shattered my heart. I read passages from the Bible for comfort and answers to my loss. I did not find comfort in reading the bible. Nobody can ever explain to me why I lost these two people I loved and needed the most. They were the foundations of my world. My whole world had been shaken. I felt so alone and afraid. I went on living with a big hole in my heart. I can not let go of my loss. I kept asking God WHY.

HE touched me …
When I joined MEANS, I got to know people like Danny and Juliet, who put aside their own safety and went to a place where their lives can be endangered. Who called them to go? Who put them there? God did. They can do their mission work in a place where it is safe for them. But God sent them to places where they are most needed to share Jesus to the unbelievers. I started to see things in a different way. One morning, I woke up and understood that God has a plan for me. He knows exactly where He wants me to be. In the process of getting me there, I will encounter joy and pain and things happen for a reason. I have to trust HIM because HE is the only one who knows what I need and what is best for me.

Words to inspire us …
I always asked the Lord for everything I need, but sometimes I get impatient. I want things to happen right away. In the process, I do things that in the end made me unhappy and offended the Lord. The verses in Proverbs 3:5-6 are engraved in my heart. I pray that these same words will inspire our volunteers. 

” Trust the Lord with all of your heart.  Do not depend on your own understanding, seek HIS will in all you do and HE will direct your path.”  

My 52 Days challenge …
This Christmas, I want to do something different and special for the children at the Good Shepherd Orphanage. I would like to challenge my project team to give Christmas gift baskets with special cookies and goodies especially made for each child. A Christmas with no presents is the reality for many boys and girls in the orphanage. We can put a Smile and Cheers on their faces with a gift basket this Christmas.

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