IVCF Bicol


The on-going Read-To-Grow project at our IV Home (Bicol) provides an opportunity for many of our students to be acquainted with Christian literature. The job of inspiring them to be ‘readers’ became easier. We are happy to listen to their insights after reading the books so it made discipling easier too! Even students who are not IVCF members and who ‘just happen to come by’ take interest with the books and they borrow. Truly, the RTG project is a gift to us. THANK YOU MEANS-USA and OMF Lit! Gerlen Gallega , IVCF Staff

Chrislin B. Flores,1st yr Nursing student
University of Saint Anthony,Iriga City, Bicol

BOOK: Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot

“For my loneliness, Lord – Your strength
For my temptation to self-pity, Lord – Your strength
For my uncontrollable longings for this man, Lord – Your strength”

Reading this book “Passion and Purity” is exciting, and very interesting. In every chapter of this book, a lot of learning awakens my responsibility as a Christian young girl. Elisabeth Elliot, the author of this book is indeed a wonderful writer and has the gift of bringing out the best in me as a daughter to my parents, to God and as a peer counselor to my best friends, brothers and sisters.

When I was sixteen, I experienced a very traumatic heartache. L But this book helped me realize so many things like thinking of others before myself, and putting God first before others. I need to put my faith in God that someday, He will reveal the right person for me under the right circumstances. I need to be patient enough to wait because everything has its own perfect time. I learned how to bring my love life under His control and also, I learned how to be thankful despite the tribulations and obstacles in my life.

God loves me so much and I’ve realized that He allowed me to experience pain for me to become a stronger and better person. He doesn’t want me to suffer but He wants me to recognize Him and to have more intimate relationship with him. He helped me pick up my broken pieces. God is indeed good and great. Thank you Lord!

Aileen T. Añonuevo, 1st yr Nursing Student
University of Saint Anthony, Iriga City, Bicol

BOOK: Saving My First Kiss by Lisa Velthouse
I commend the author for writing this book which is full of insights. She has questions like “Is there anyone in the world who could ever love me?” “Will my lips remain as they are – untouched forever?” or is she simply unkissable, undesirable and unlovable.” She felt lonely, unsatisfied, ugly and unwanted. But time came when she realized hat she is much more than those things. She learned how to fill her life with things that can bring true contentment and true happiness with God. Despite her inexperience in romance, life for her isn’t empty anymore. Yes, she’s still waiting to be kissed by the man of her dreams and waiting for him keeps her going. Because she knows that God has a perfect time for everything and with God all things are possible.

Through reading the book, I learned that God wants me to have patience and to wait. Waiting requires huge amount of faith and trust. Just like the author, I’m also waiting for the romance in my life. I must be able to believe that God’s timing of events is what’s best for me. I trust Him that He will work out the events of my life in His ‘perfect’ schedule. Honestly, I feel content being single right now, and I’m not looking for anyone in particular. I must surrender my will to Him.

Go, Mary Grace B.
1st yr Student
University of Saint Anthony
Iriga City, Bicol

BOOK: ROMANTIC LOVE by Dr. James Dobson

The book “Romantic Love” by Dr. James Dobson helped me to learn many things about the strongest and most misunderstood emotions of all human which is LOVE. I admit that I have special someone in my life right now and it is the reason why the book caught my attention. This book offers practical guide on how to use your head in matters of the heart in simple and honest language. Moreover, this book corrected me about my wrong misconceptions about love. Even though some parts of the book pertained to marriage, I can still relate to the different topics given and they helped me grow in my relationship with my boyfriend with the help of God …not only with the help of God but as God the center of our relationship.

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