Sponsored 15 High School students attended the Training Camp sponsored by Inter Varsity Philippines,  “Dead Now Alive: reborn identity… this year’s camp theme rightfully invites the students to rediscover their true identity – redeemed in Christ, living in the knowledge of His Word. This camp is divided into three tracks Evangelism, Discipleship and Leadership” Rachel IVCF Staff

 IVCF RESOURCE CENTER – Have you visited a public library in your neighborhood lately? One way to cut cost for entertainment is to visit your local library. We visit our library to borrow some DVDs, to borrow books or sometimes just to read a magazine. What a convenient and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.  It does not cost you anything (of course our taxes support our libraries). Can you imagine a community without a Learning Resource Center?

   Our commitment to our donors is to work on this project diligently until we complete the IV Resource Center hopefully by end of June 2009 just in time for the school opening in the Philippines. Here is an update from the IVCF side:

  1. Installation of lightings and additional electrical outlets.
  2. The old sofa set has been re-upholstered
  3. The bookshelves are being constructed at this time of writing.
  4. Painting of the bookshelves after the construction
  5. Installation of the Air Condition
  6. Kiyoko Foster has donated Dave’s valuable theological books
  7. We are in the process of shipping 2 big boxes of books
  8. MEANS has already sent $2,000.00 towards this project

 Once again we appreciate your partnership for this worthwhile project to help IVCF Philippines rebuild their library.  This will not only serve the IV staff, but also the students and eventually the community.


  • Annual Retreat – September 5,6 and 7 2009 – pray for our speaker Lilia Salazar Nigro
  • Audit of MEANS Financials for 2008 has been completed – here are the words from our auditor and we are proud of our volunteers:  “MEANS volunteer personnel continue to perform excellent work and the records are kept in excellent order”

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