Ministry Partners Update – August 2009

Christy (name withheld for security reasons) shared that she has been given a bigger area of responsibility as Regional Secretary of a faith based organization in Eurasia. The Eurasia region includes countries like Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, etc.  Christy has to raise support for her region and also for herself.  While in the US to attend a conference hosted by IVCF alumni in North America and Canada, she also visited several cities in the US to meet with prospective donors.  Pray for physical strength, stamina and good health.  May God honor her faith in taking this new adventure for the Kingdom.

Pastor Vic Bernales – Vic shared: “This month we will be going to Cagayan de Oro City, an eight-hour drive by bus from Davao City.” Pastor Glen Melo invited Vic to do a training-seminar for the short-term missionary students at the Asian Center for Missions (ACM). These students will soon be going to a ‘dangerous’ area in Mindanao island to bring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to people who may have never heard about Jesus Christ. Pray for safe travel as a family and a fruitful ministry there. Pray also for Cathy Bernales’ father who is sick with prostate cancer.  He is 71.  Pray for provision and for healing as God wills it.

Peter and Ochie, Daniel and Maria Bangcong–  New Tribes Mission missionaries based in Thailand.   Maria Bangcong will be coming to the US to take nursing in the same school where Daniel is studying.  Pray for provision, safe travel, and a good adjustment to a new environment and culture.  Praise God for a good children’s camp this year.

 Ramon Rocha III – OMF international missionary and Dr. Luis Gatmaitan, author of children’s books, published by OMF Litt, did a very productive training session on how to start and run a Christian publishing house, while Luis led a workshop on writing.  Currently there are few publishing opportunities for Christian writers in Mongolia. “We are in great need to learn how to run a publishing house,” wrote Pastor Timothy, their local coordinator.  After the workshop, Mongolian Christian Writer’s Fellowship was formed.  Thank the Lord for the growing numbers of new believers in the country. In 2008, there were 24,000 Christians living in the capital city of Ulaan Baatar (U.S. State Department). Ramon also attended Balikatan 2009 where he was one of the invited resource persons who shared his ministry with OMF International. Praise God for Ramon’s daughter who recently passed the board exams on nursing.  Pray for another daughter who will be taking the medical board exam this August. 


 Melba Maggay, Founder of ISACC–  After her stay at Calvin College for about 3 months as a visiting scholar,  Melba Maggay  flew to Peru to attend a meeting with a small number of scholars doing research on primal religion and its relationship to the Christian worldview.  While in Calvin, she was able to form a gathering of Filipino and American friends at a pre-Balikatan 2009 dinner which gave all the Filipinos an opportunity to share Filipino hospitality and culture.  Melba also spoke at Balikatan 2009 and coordinated the workshop on Keeping Faith and Identity in a Multi-Cultural World.


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