Workday Spotlight – April

Bloom where you are planted!
We will praise God for the beauty that He created around us. We will celebrate life! We will bloom where He has planted us for His glory alone.

We share with you Psalms 145: 1-3:
“I will exalt you, my God and King,
and praise your name forever and ever.
I will praise you every day;
yes, I will praise you forever.
Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise!
No one can measure his greatness.”

Thank you for yours prayers … We had a great time processing the love gifts for missionaries and enjoyed our lunch and dinner together. Most of the volunteers arrived in MEANS office at about 10 AM and left at 8 PM.Dinner time is mostly spent on sharing personal blessings and how the Lord has been good to us the past month. We shared some of our woes too!

1. Bless the 7 Children – there were 7 children altogether and they all enjoyed playing together. Of course, Joshua acted as their host and he willingly shared his computer games to them. Kiyoko Foster and the triplets were there. They have been coming to the workday almost every month since Dave’s passing. The children helped us in folding our newsletters. The youngest Hontanosas, nicknamed Z, is now a very active 1 year and 3 month old boy. He makes his parents busy!!! We are encouraged by the generosity and the hospitality of the Hontanosas. They have always been willing to host the Fosters every month. Please pray for them also – as their hands are full with 3 growing kids! Bong’s birthday is on April 27, please pray for him too.

2. Anne Benthein – our new board member, came to help and to learn more about MEANS. With her were Lorraine, a friend who gave our morning devotion, her mother and her youngest son who is in high school. They drove all the way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is about 2 hours drive to MEANS. Anne is a gift from God. She has a heart for missions and is very passionate in serving the Lord. She will be helping Lina connect and network with our donors and missionary partners.

3. Hannah Mooi – is responsible for the publication of our newsletters, Global Focus and MEANS Cafe. She and her husband, Rob, are also doing the MEANS procedure and work flow processing manual. They have a son, Caleb, who also enjoys coming to MEANS.

4. Greg Panaligan – Greg is a MEANS board member and comes regularly with Gilda. Greg is now responsible of approving our expense account forms. Greg’s presence is also a great encouragement to us. He helps in many special projects. Greg shared with Lorraine what is MEANS doing and how we serve our ministry partners. Lorraine was very much impressed with MEANS. Gilda is in charged of our monthly prayer link.

5. Lorraine – was our devotion leader. We were blessed by Lorraine’s devotional on Psalm 145. We were inspired and have Psalms 145 reprinted and mailed to our donors. She truly is a woman of God. At her age, she is still leading a women’s bible study in Oconomowoc, WI.

As usual, despite the economic situation, giving to missions was $28,000.
Once again, we thank you to our Third Saturday Partners. Let us continue to uphold one another in prayers.

Thanks for your partneship in the ministry.
Do remember us every Third Saturday.
We know we can count on you.

Carmena and Lina
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