Thongs for Christmas

Slippers. Thongs. Flip-flops. Whatever we call them they are not the most important thing in our fashion world. We use them casually, in our homes (some even leave them outside their homes!), when our feet need to rest. We take them for granted. Of course there are some that take slippers seriously, who buy the Havaianas, or the Adidas slippers so that they look “cool” and fashionable even at home or at the beach. But generally speaking, what is in a slipper? It’s just an extra in life.
But I recently realized how important slippers can be. Our church recently partnered with MEANS, an organization in the US to bless elementary school children this Christmas with slippers. We gave away slippers to all elementary students of the school.
To read more please click this Blog written by Pastor Ricky Benitez

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