Bacolod MEANS Fellowship

It all came as a pleasant surprise from the Father.   Last December, no one in MEANS was even planning for it.  It came about when our board member,  Amy J. Rio,  told Carmena and Lina that she will be going to Bacolod City, Philippines  to celebrate her mother’s 80th birthday.  She asked if it would be possible to visit some MEANS ministry partners in Bacolod City.

At first, we thought of names of ministry partners for Amy to visit; but somehow,  the idea came that it would be more strategic if we had a MEANS dinner reception in Bacolod for our ministry partners.

The MEANS dinner reception was held at Tamera Plaza Inn on January 17, 2011.  Forty people representing 12 organizations and churches attended the reception.

The format of the program was simple. Amy presented a power point on “What is MEANS” followed by questions and answers and dinner fellowship with our ministry partners in Bacolod. Pastor Godfrey and Dina Serfino of Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church were the host coordinators at the reception.

2011 May Bacolod MEANS Fellowship - CRC Church

Amy commented: “They had a great time of fellowship.  They met other ministry partners of MEANS in Bacolod.  Most of all, they came to understand the ministry of MEANS, that it is manned by volunteers who are totally committed in faithfully serving the Lord Jesus.”

The You Tube presentation showing each MEANS volunteer greeting the guests has touched a cord in their hearts , especially when they saw that MEANS  volunteers were composed of  families with their children, old and young  who are not being paid to serve our ministry partners in that part of the Philippines.

2011 May Bacolod MEANS Fellowship - FF Gonzaga Principal

At the reception, F. F. Gonzaga School principal,  Ms. Federez, was given a clock as a token of appreciation for allowing our ministry partner, The Lord’s Lampstand Christian Church, to distribute thongs to about 500 students at the school.  Lampstand is holding Bible Studies and Value Formation Classes  regularly at the school.

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