Balikatan 2011


It all started as a dream, That wasn’t too extreme,
“Scattered and Shared” as our theme.
The seed was planted in LA Balikatan 2008,
then blossomed at SF in Balikatan’s year 28.

Finding a venue was challenging; Access, distance, price needed converging
To UC Berkeley our minds were merging; Despite some cons, no more changing.
100 attendees was our target, Early November deadline let’s forget
By April, despite fears and worries, we’re all set.
Come July our target was more than met.

Breakfast and picnic food was ordered, To Filipino palate we catered
Live band on fun night was offered; games, music, stories we prepared.

First day of the conference was hectic,
BARTing and driving was chaotic, Limited parking was idiotic,
Picking-up who and where was hysteric,
But it was worth all these for SF’s first historic.

Miriam was inspiring with stories of what each had to offer
Leni was challenging with Acts as our model of what we encounter
Eric was compelling with a letter to God on what we plan to render.

Each testimony, each life story; A witness of God’s glory
Home, work, friends, church, family tree;
God has placed us in all kinds of ministry.

Small group discussions, Such powerful connections
Missionary presentations, Opportunities for intercessions.
The buzzword was “crisis”; IVCF ceiling, roof leaking, “crisis” it is
Job losses, sickness, other crises; For all of these, the answer Christ is.

Long business meetings needed intervention,
After much discussion and long deliberation
Vision statement approved in unison,
Membership fee increase reached a decision.

What a wonderful weekend of sharing,
A majestic seven-fold Amen as the worship ending

To God we directed all glorifying and praising.
Now back to our respective homes, whatever we do,
wherever we are, cheerfully, exceedingly

The Lord has blessed us, placed us, scattered us,
so we can be shared abundantly.
Balikatan 2011, a witness of our “we-nesss”,
lovingly, graciously
Florida 2012 and to future Balikatan conferences we look forward,
hopefully, faithfully.

Dr. Lilia Salazar-Nigro
Balikatan 2011 Conference Director
On behalf of Bay Area Balikatan
For more information about Balikatan, please contact MEANS.

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