Flavor of the Month: Katie Borromeo

2011 Katie BorromeoThis coming fall, MEANS’ “first baby” will be heading to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Growing up . . .

Katie has grown up in Illinois.  She attended a Catholic school for 9 years before attending Wheaton Academy her freshman year of high school.  After her freshman year she transferred to West Chicago Community High School.  It was at Wheaton Academy that Katie took her walk with the Lord more seriously.  There she really saw Christianity lived out.

Katie played soccer as a child until high school, and played varsity basketball her freshman year in high school.  She had ankle surgery after freshman year and this cut her basketball career short.  Katie does plan to play intramural basketball though at Rensselaer.

In addition to sports, Katie also enjoys hanging out with friends and family.  She is also fond of traveling and seeing new places.  Of the places she has traveled, one of her favorites was the Philippines.  While there, she felt like she could really relate.  Katie also enjoys reading anatomy books that have been recommended to her by her teachers.

Plans for the future . . .

It seems to make sense then, with her interest in anatomy, that Katie plans to get her degree in Bio/Cognitive Science, and also hopes to go to school for neurosurgery.  She has always been interested in the way people think.  While at Rensselaer, she plans to be involved with Rensselaer Christian Association, which partners with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.  Eventually, she would be interested in being involved with Doctors Without Borders.

Involvement at MEANS . . .

At MEANS, processing the donors’ checks is an integral part of the organization, and Katie is very much a part of that process.  She also helps out with the mailings, is one of MEANS’ photographers, and helps out wherever else she is needed.  Her laughter is also contagious and will be missed!

How we can pray for Katie . . .

  • Pray that she will continue to follow the plan that God has for her
  • Pray for an easy transition into college life
  • Pray for good friends that would encourage her at school and in her walk with God

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