I saw a Rainbow on the Sky

I saw the rainbow on the sky

“Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” Genesis 9:16 The rainbow that appeared about 50 meters from our mission house reminded me of God’s faithfulness. Many of His promises to me from the Word had been fulfilled. It was so near I could run and touch it. The “source” did not contain a pot of gold but I encountered the Owner of the gold, silver and the cattle on a thousand hills. Since that time I had seen six more rainbows. That’s seven rainbows in a month! I wondered about its message.The past four (4) weeks had been full of everything: “urgent, needs, and emergency.”

RAINBOW: I cried for these urgent needs. There was the breakdown of our school bus; a very important part has to be ordered from Japan which until now has not yet arrived. My schedule went in disarray. I have to help pick up the children from the villages to the school and back for the third week. I am tired. I worry about the money to pay for the spare part and the repair labor, applying for a new visa, my work permit, the expenses, plane fare, the personal needs of the Elpis teachers and my course requirement to submit before the deadline on Oct. 27. My teammates were back in the Philippines and the remaining one was out for a few days working on her work permit in another province. I am left alone to handle the ministry.

RAINBOW: I cried out loud to God. In prayer I was given this promise; “My faithful love will be with him and through My Name his horn will be exalted.” Psalm 89:24. I am walking in this promise, not without fear, frustration, and tears. I feel God is silent though I know He is there. In one of those very frustrating days I even asked the Lord; “where is Your promise now?” even though, I know God sees my struggles and worries. To top it all, I woke up this morning with a very sore throat. I lost my voice and could not speak.

RAINBOW: I cried for help. Do you hear me? When I opened my devotional – My Utmost For His Highest, it said “Has God trusted you with His silence – a silence that is great with meaning? God silences are HIS answers.” God wants to be silent that HE even silenced me! It was so literal it made me laugh and cry. Oh, the joy of having a love affair with the Lord! Still, I will not be silent. I will speak of Your goodness, Lord. I will proclaim Your faithfulness. As the rainbow is a sign of your covenant, so your faithfulness is our bond. You are the God who is faithful to all Your promises and loving towards all You have made. Psalm 145:13b. A wonderful thing about God’s silence is that the contagion of HIS stillness gets into you and you become perfectly confident- “I know God has heard me.” My Utmost For His Highest’

I saw God at the end of the Rainbow. A day after I wrote this, a timely support came to pay for my visa expense, and the long awaited spare part came two days after. Now I will have more time to finish my papers. I think I will be able to make it. I want to borrow what Abraham said in Genesis 32:10 “I am unworthy of all the kindness and faithfulness you have shown your servant.”

Editor’s Note:

Maria Nelma Amihan – Elpis Ministries, independent Filipino missionary in Maesot, Thailand.  Maria has been instrumental in starting Elpis School where about 400 migrant children from Burma are receiving education for free.  They also feed lunch for these children during school days.

Together with 3 other lady missionaries, they housed young girls at risk for slave labor and sex traffic at Faith Haus, their mission house.  They provide shelter, food, clothe and teach these children about God’s love and care for them through Jesus Christ.

The day to day activities are not easy for these independent missionaries as they show the love and compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ to these young girls.  Looking only to God for financial provisions, Christians who have been touched and encouraged by their commitment to serve have been sharing the burden of the ministry.  However,  they continue to look to God as the SOURCE of all their needs personally and in their ministries, including the children that God has given under their care.

If you wish to partner with Maria Amihan, please send your financial support through MEANS.

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