Work For a Cause

Each year, IVCF-Philippines hosts Kawayan Camp, a month-long training camp where students learn various things such as discipleship and Bible study, and can take different tracks such as a community immersion experience where they go to a poor community and talk to people in the community or do service projects for the community.  MEANS usually supports student leaders from different universities in the Philippines going to Kawayan Camp.  This year, MEANS was willing to provide half of the camp fee for students from the western and southern parts of the Philippines, but through a program called “Work for a Cause.”   The prospective student camp delegates had opportunities to work with various MEANS ministry partners in order to raise funds for the camp. 


One opportunity was to work for a student center in Cotabato City, doing tasks such as washing curtains, cleaning windows, or disposing of old computers.  Eleven students participated, and out of this particular Work for a Cause project, the IVCF regional director in the southern Philippines and the leader of the student center in Cotabato City conceived of a project where the delegates of the Kawayan camp would join a community immersion program in Maguindanao.  This way they could practice what they learned at the Kawayan camp in the areas where they actually live.  Misconceptions about some people groups were erased or clarified after joining this community immersion program, and this experience was good for peace and understanding of other people groups.


Another opportunity came in the way of building beds from scratch for the IVCF staff house in Davao.  Usually, when visitors go to visit, they sleep on the floor.  MEANS decided to give some funds for these bunk beds as well as for the Work for a Cause project for the students wanting to go to Kawayan Camp.


The third Work for a Cause opportunity was to plant fruit trees and vegetables for the “Planting  for a Good Cause” project.  This was part of the Care of Creation Project, an initiative of MEANS to start an organic garden/farm in a community. There were 2 locations that prospective student delegates could work—Good Shepherd Fold Orphanage and Christian Academy in Guimaras, Iloilo and F.F. Gonzaga Elementary School in Bacolod.  Produce of the gardens are used to help feed the student wards of Good Shepherd, and to sustain the feeding program that is being done once a week for malnourished school children of F.F. Gonzaga.  Some produce are also being sold to teachers of F.F. Gonzaga if there is an abundant harvest.

A note of thanks

“Dear MEANS Ministry supporters,

. . I thank God for this great blessing na nagkaroon na kami ng magandang double decks na hihigaan bawat gabi dito sa IV-Home Tagum.  For the past three years, humihiga lang ang mga GT’s at Student leaders sa ‘concrete floors’ na tinatakpan ng plywood at bed sheets.  I thank God for using you as our sponsor for these new beds.  Nang dahil sa inyo, mas nagging comfortable na kami ngayon.  I would also affirm you that this project hits another blessing for us, that is, it also benefited our KC for their ‘work for a cause’ . . .  “


(English translation:)

I thank God for this great blessing of  new bunks beds for  IVCF Home in Davao.  For the past three years, our visitors  like IVCF Grad Team  and student leaders slept on the concrete floor covered with plywood and bed sheets.  Because of MEANS’ financial gift,  we were able to construct these beautiful double deck beds for us and our guests.  What a blessing because it has also benefited students who were raising funds for Kawayan Camp through MEANS ‘work for a cause’ program.


Student Reflections

. . . Indeed, God really revealed His life to me through His word.  He also reminded me to be sensitive to His still small voice. . .

~ Rowena V. Riño


. . I’ve learned how important the creation of the Lord is and how miraculous it is.  I learned how to love and value His creation, how to forgive others and how to accept who I really am. . .

~ Reymart T. Ponce


. .  In the first week of KC, I learned that every Christian must be a slave to righteousness, willingly obeying what the Master wants him to do, even if it costs his life. . .

~ Felix C. Pelin Jr.


. . In the first week of the camp, my emotions poured out. . .  I’ve realized how broken I was but, I was so amazed of His loving grace.  It called me to go back home to His loving arms where I am healed and feel secure. . . .

~ Josie M. Artops


. My 1st week KC reflection and discovery . . . Indeed, God is love that He did not only show His love when man was in harmony with Him (Gen. 1-2) but His love is proven when man sinned against Him.  He is always willing to journey with man though he offended his God. . .
~ Raffy Dela Cruz

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