Typhoon Haiyan Recovery Initiatives at MEANS

Give the gift of HOPE. These are the MEANS initiatives to help children heal and recover from the trauma  caused by Typhoon Haiyan. These initiatives will empower  our ministry partners in the Philippines  to enable them   demonstrate Jesus’ compassion for the children.

Small Steps. Big Impact. Great Rewards.

ImageFeed Projects – This is a fun day event for the children living in the disaster area.  There will be storytelling, games, clowning and other fun activities. The children will be served nacks and lunch. A string backpack containing   bath soap, face towel, toothbrush, toothpaste and comb will be distributed to the children. They can also use the string backpack as school bag. These string backpacks are made locally by mothers affected by the tyhoon. ImageRead to Grow Project – to provide books to the local libraries in the communities we serve that are affected by the typhoon.  Many school books were damaged.  MEANS will give books and help  established  reading centers in the community for children. A Read-to-Grow Reading Center is a safe place for underprivileged and traumatized children and young adults to go to.    Reading these books will open their  minds to the reality of God’s love, His presence in the world and will teach them good Christian values. The children story books are written by Filipino authors and printed  by OMF Literature Publishers  in the  Philippines.

Solar Radios Project – The radio is  fixed tuned to DYVS (West Visayas)  – a local Christian radio station  managed by Far East Broadcasting Company, International.  FEBC  shares the love of God through the air. Programs are broadcasted using the local dialect  of the people where the station is based . Listening to variety of programs that are offered, including bible teaching, Christian music,  local news , etc. in  their own   dialect  will help  typhoon survivors  not to feel isolated  and in their emotional recovery.  Solar radio broadcasts can reach rural and far flung areas, which are otherwise unreachable, because of  infrastructure damaged due to  Typhoon Haiyan.

ImageFlip Flops –  Flip-flops (rubber slippers) will help protect children’s feet from rough terrain, infection, and soil-based diseases. Some soil-based diseases not only cause physical symptoms, but create cognitive impairment too, crippling a child’s long-term potential. The children’s feet are usually neglected by relief workers because   primary needs are met first before other needs. Flip Flops – are less expensive to purchase in the Philippines but at the same time not a priority to most people in   poor communities. The Flip Flops are purchased locally. We believe that purchasing local goods will help generate income and help the local economy, as well.

 Our local ministry partners have the information, the network , the capacity, and the volunteers to help in the implementation of MEANS projects and distribution of donations in kind to typhoon survivors.

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