HAIYANGive and Be Blessed.Thank you for your support and partnership with us. We are incredibly thankful and pleased to tell you that with your generous support to MEANS Disaster Fund, we were able to extend help to Haiyan Typhoon survivors in the Visayas region in the Philippines. We helped especially the people living in small islands unreached by national and international relief agencies. There is so much more to do in helping in the recovery and rehabilitation of people in these areas, but we look forward to positive changes that your financial support will do in the lives of typhoon survivors. We will continue to update you about our disaster relief project initiatives until we have exhausted all our funds for this purpose.

lolaGive and give HOPE. These are MEANS initiatives to strategically help children heal and recover from the trauma caused by Typhoon Haiyan. Our initiatives will empower our local ministry partners in the Philippines to enable them to demonstrate Jesus’ compassion for the children. Our local ministry partners in the disaster areas have the information, the network, the capacity, and volunteers to help in the distribution and implementation of MEANS Projects. At this crucial time, we have partnered with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship of the Philippines’ Operation Ahon: http://ivcfphil.org/. to help reach out to Haiyan survivors.

Small Steps. Big Impact. Great Rewards.

1. Relief Goods distribution – focus on 3 communities in Tacloban, Roxas City, and Sagay

2. Feed Projects – distribution of Hygiene kit (tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, face towel)

3. Flip flops – distribution of rubber slippers to children in need

4. Read to Grow Reading Centers

5. Care for ministry partners directly affected by typhoon Haiyan

MEANS Haiyan Disaster Initiatives in February, March, and April 2014:

February – provide personal care to 2 church workers – $500.00 each
February – Hygiene Kit distribution for children in Tacloban and Ormoc

March – 300 Stuffed Toys, Flip-flop, hygiene kit Distribution – Sagay City, Negros Occ
March – 300 Stuffed Toys, Flip-flop, hygiene kit Distribution – Ahuy, Iloilo
March – 300 Stuffed Toys, Flip-flop, hygiene kit Distribution – Roxas City, Capiz
March – 600 Stuffed Toys, Flip-flop, hygiene kit Distribution – Tacloban
March – 25 Solar radios are fixed tuned to DYVS (FEBC Affiliated) to be distributed in Dukol-Dukol, Sagay, Panay Island; an opportunity to share the gospel during the distribution to 25 homes.
March – Read to Grow – children’s books distribution in libraries

backpack2Livelihood Assistance – string backpacks; we will purchase the bags from the mothers and distribute to children in need of school bags and hygiene kit

dish soapLivelihood Assistance – dish soap repacking; we will purchase 200 bottles of dish soaps for distribution

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