Focus on MEANS Volunteers

Ken Borromeo Volunteer of the Year

Minolta DSCKen served as a volunteer for 25 years. When Ken first came to MEANS workday in December 1990, he was just curious to know what his wife, Christine, was doing in her new volunteer work. He did not have any inkling that attending a MEANS Christmas party once would lead him to stay as a volunteer for 25 years! What prompted Ken to remain as a volunteer for a quarter of a century?

First of all, more than all his qualifications and accomplishments, (Ken has a Civil Engineering degree at Central Philippines University and a Masters in Structural Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology),   I can say that Ken is God’s gift to MEANS.

While watching Christine and Carmena processed monetary love gifts to our ministry partners, using EXCEL, Ken thought that there was a better and quicker way to do it. That desire to improve MEANS accounting and database system has led to where we are now. We have our own in house accounting system which is efficient and a time saver. We are now able to finish processing checks and gifts that we receive in one workday. We appreciate Ken’s desire to make the processing faster and easier for the volunteers. His idea to put all the documents in one database especially during our board meeting and annual audit is commendable. Our former editor even copied what Ken did to her other clients!

When asked why he joined MEANS, Ken answered: “My wife invited me to join MEANS. I want to share the same goals with her as we build our family. As a volunteer, I believe that I am helping missionaries spread the Word of God. It is a good cause. I feel good in doing something not just for myself, but also for other people, in the name of the Lord. With my MEANS involvement, I believe I am helping the poor and unfortunate people like orphans, street kids and street women in the Philippines.”

KEN“I enjoy the MEANS family because of the warm fellowship. I fellowship with friends who believe in one God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Also, for my personal benefit and spiritual enrichment, I have been exposed to friends who have deep knowledge about God’s Word and missionaries who have visited our office. The openness in sharing experiences and problems and our bible studies taught me about God’s love. All these have deepened my knowledge about God and have strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord.

I also gained friends in MEANS who walk in the path of God. We have time for counseling and learning about the Word of God. We can openly discuss God’s Word during workday. We talked about God when we are carpooling with our friends to MEANS events, retreats, camping, and vacations.

I am proud to say that I have never been absent from a MEANS workday. I volunteer because I enjoy serving the Lord through MEANS.”

Contributor: Lina Padilla

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