Care of Creation-Plant trees

Care for Creation partnership with IVCF Central and Eastern Visayas Cebu City last October has made an impact to those who joined.

About 150 seedlings of jackfruit and 150 guyabano (sour sop) were planted by college students from various colleges and universities in Cebu City,

Before planting, a booklet was given for morning devotions, reflections, and group interaction on the importance of caring for creation and the environment.

After planting they had fellowship meal together thanking God on the hard work, the fun, fellowship and the precious lessons they learned together that day.

Here are photos and comments from a student who participated and a MEANS friend.

“The beauty of God’s creation reflects the greatness of his mighty hands.” I am thankful that I was given a chance to join this activity. That even in a simple way, to be a good steward of His Creation is one way of obeying His command.”- Aaron James, Caraca, BSME, Cebu Technological University.

Thank you for this wonderful project and the impact it has created in the lives of IVCF students and the community where the trees were planted. – friend of MEANS

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