Coconut Grove

GSFA2MEANS Ministry visit to the Philippines… MEANS Coconut Grove

In our (Lina and Carmena) recent trip to the Philippines, we visited a school that has been a long time partner of MEANS in Kingdom building. Our partnership has gone a long way to include soccer coaching and mentoring, scholarship program, Inter-School Christian Fellowship groups, Read to Grow projects, Organic gardening and tree planting.

We thank God for this Christian school, the Good Shepherd’s Fold Academy in Guimaras Island, formerly part of Iloilo, for their gracious partnership and hospitality in welcoming us as ministry partner.

When we were there, we requested to see the MEANS coconut grove. In the early 1990s, MEANS donated coconut seedlings to be planted in a vacant area in the school’s premises.

We met the caretakers of the grove who told us that coconuts are taken down every three months. Proceeds from the sale are used to fund some school expenses.

We were so happy and encouraged to see the coconut grove.

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