Stuffed Animals to bring cheers

IVCF10These stuffed toys are waiting to be hugged.

When we were kids, owning a doll or a stuffed toy was a luxury. Our favorite games were social games like “sipa”, “rumbang Preso,” “luksong tinik”. These we played with kids in the neighborhood.





IVCF21But there were times when I wanted to be alone and I longed for a doll or a toy to hug. Both my parents were working parents and I get to see them only in the evening. Plus, I wanted an imaginary friend who I can tell my secrets and heartaches to.

Yes, even kids have heartaches and pains.


Now that I have matured, I understand kids who long to have a close friend to tell their secrets too. During Haiyan we sent 5,000 stuffed toys to kids who experienced trauma. I pray that they would remember God’s gift of stuffed toys to them during their Haiyan experience.

We will be sending stuffed toys to children survivors of Taal eruption.
Hopefully we will be able to send more than 5,000 this time.
Please pray for a blessed time of distribution.

Contributor: Lina Padilla

PS. Taal Project. These cuddly stuffed toys bring emotional comfort, joy, and hope to the children who received them. We buy these gently used stuffed toys through a local vendor based in Imus, Cavite. Your $10 will help us purchase 20 stuffed toys. Pm Carmena if interested to partner with us.


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