MEANS @ 50: Partnership highlight with Passion Ave Community Church

“Praise God for He is the One who orchestrated this ministry partnership. To Him be the glory. Despite the pandemic, God has been doing His mighty works in some sitios in Antipolo. When we care for people in time of their needs, with sincerity and compassion, their hearts become ready to listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Praise God for Serve A Meal in partnership with Passion Avenue Community Ministries, many lives have been changed. One of the most significant ripple effects is meeting the needs of a poor community at the beginning of the pandemic in partnership with Passion Avenue Community Church.”

“Last night [October 16, 2021] we were able to celebrate with MEANS USA on their 50th Anniversary thru Zoom. It was a joyous one. To say that we were blessed and encouraged is an understatement. The Lord has really been true and faithful to your ministry, MEANS USA, and we are very blessed to have partnered with you specially during this critical time in the Philippines. One of our highlights in the ministry during this period of pandemic is the door that opened in Sitio Dumpsite. The ministry is growing until now and God has raised up many people from this community- children, youth and parents to be part of His kingdom. And to think that it started thru our partnership with MEANS SERVE A MEAL project. We really are grateful and encouraged with the partnership. We have touched so many lives thru the countless, meaningful projects with you- Serve A Meal, Read To Grow, Share The Love, Give Fliplops, Balikbayan Gifts Distribution, Dumpsite Child Development Projects, Masarap na Pasko Handog ng Means, Livelihood Project and many more. We are praying that the Lord will bless you even more. May He extend your ministry to touch more lives for Him through many meaningful partnerships. May you be blessed with more donors, volunteers and partners.” – Passion Avenue Community Church

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