December 27 -30, 2009, DAP, Tagaytay City

How do I start to report the results of our recent National Conference? Let me present this first report to you.
1. God With Us. During NC we experienced God’s presence among us during worship times, expositions of His word, meals and fellowship times, plenary sessions, and seminars.

2. Matthew 28:18-20. This was the recurring challenge for all of us. We were united in our commitment to obey this command of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. God had abundantly provided for our financial needs.

4. A total of 259 joined NC 2009 (69 students, 119 graduates, 25 speakers, 35 staff, and 11 children). The conference was well represented from the region

5. Significant developments: (1) formation of the National Graduates Executive Committee, now called Inter-Varsity Graduates Encounter or IVGE.
(2) creation of sectoral graduates groups: business & development.

6. Top 10 Feedback of participants on what NC had accomplished:
(1) recommitment,
(2) corporate worship and celebration,
(3) renewal & new inspiration,
(4) reuniting & reconciliation,
(5) corporate reflection,
(6) passion for the Great Commission,
(7) filling the inter-generational gap,
(8) camaraderie, friendship, & fellowship,
(9) sharing of future directions & exploring of new strategies,
(10) humility and repentance.

7. Some commitments made by NC participants:• “I commit to be a GOER.”
• “To be a living Gospel in our campus and unite the different Christian organizations towards the fulfillment of the great commission.”
• “Continue providing sound doctrinal and practical input to IVCF as foundation to flagship programs”
• “Truly live for Christ’s glory by being involved in NCF and ISCF as well as financially support the movement.”
• “I will be a regular donor of IVCF Phils and I will do my best to be connected again with the campus ministry in my workfield.”
• “Continue to work as GT in Kabacan IVCF, be an agent of transformation”.
• “I pledge to give P100k to IVCF in 2010”.
• “I will continue to support IVCF in prayer, and financial support.”
• “Help form the SVDil Alumni, start giving financial support to IVCF”
• “I will cooperate and collaborate with IVCF in reaching out to people in the marketplace and bless IVCF.”
• “I would like to pray for IVCF and be a volunteer.”
• “To organize, mentor, support and sustain new grads in development work”
• “Seriously involve in Missions Team of IVCF”
• “I commit to take more active role in discipling students beyond those in my regular group in YD…to be involved in the lives of young grads in CDO.”
• “To obey God in all areas of my life and to help my church and my IV chapter.”
• “To endeavor to reach out and bring reconciliation and love to the IVCF constituents in Panay.”

Our National Conference has produced meaningful results for our movement and we will be sharing these things to IVCF constituents very soon, through our NC2009 website. Pray that we can rally more people to join us in fulfilling the Christ Great Commission in the new horizon.

Posted on Behalf of IVCF:
Erickson M. Velardo
National Director
EMAIL: info@ivcfphil.org

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