Book features MEANS

Book Features MEANS
IVP published a book entitled “Kingdom without border: the untold story of global Christianity” just in time for Urbana 2009. It was also designated as one of the books of the day at the conference. Please see the link below and read. Some people that you know are included in the Introduction – What I learned from Filipinos. The introduction affirms positively our value as Filipinos in the Kingdom of God. See pages 15 – 19 and learn more about MEANS. If you are interested to purchase a copy, please contact us.
Here’s an exerpt:
“Through MEANS, missionaries are blessed, donors are blessed, and volunteers are blessed, as MEANS ushers them into a larger world.

“If we weren’t volunteers with MEANS, we’d buy a big house and a big car, and spend all our time going to parties,” one couple told Lina and Carmena.

“Our values have totally changed though our work with MEANS,”

Miriam Adeney, Author of Kingdom Without Borders
Click Link to read more about this book:

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