Act Justly; Love Mercy; Walk Humbly
Micha 6:8

This will be on September 4,5, and 6. Praise God for providing our retreat speaker this year. He is Pastor Godfrey Serpino of Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church. He will be visiting the US in August so we took the opportunity of inviting him. The retreat’s theme is: Act justly, Love mercy, Walk humby. Pray for his message preparation. Pray for wisdom and new insight from God’s Word. Pray for safe travel to the US. He will be traveling with his mom.

Pray for those who have responsibilities in the retreat:

1. Carmena and Lina – Retreat Coordinators
2. Godfrey – Retreat Speaker
3. Anne Monteclaro – Break Groups discussion leader. Pray for creativity as she prepares
4. Samuelsons – Elma and Hannah will be incharge of the children; Paul will help in the worship service
5. Anne Benthien – worship and music leader
6. Christine – Logistcs

3 thoughts on “MEANS RETREAT 2010

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  1. Greetings. The peace and joy of our triune God be upon all MEANS servant-leaders He has consecrated to serve during the MEANS 2010 Retreat, and to all He has called to participate. Thanks so much for everyone’s fervent prayers for another. Glory be to God.

    1. Pastor Godfrey,

      Please let me know if you attended Mapua Inst of Tech in college?

      I was in Living Circle in Mapua during college and I do know of a Godfrey who was with us during those years. I want to know if that was you.

      Thanks and God bless!

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