MEANS Retreat 2010

MEANS Retreat
September 4-6, 2010 is our 23rd annual retreat: this will be a time to Refresh. Reflect. Renew. It is our prayer that we will experience some “whispers from God” as we enjoy each other’s company, as we read and listen to God’s Word and as we worship and play together. May we find new insights on why we are serving at MEANS. What to pray for at MEANS?

1. For Amy J. Rio, who will be flying from San Francisco
2. Pastor Godfrey Serfino, his mom and sister Daff Miller will be driving from West Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday at 6:30 a.m.
3. Anne Benthein and family will be driving from Milwaukee
4. Kiyoko Foster and children from Madison, Wisconsin
5. Paul and Elma Samuelson; Steve from Michigan

• Pray for those who have responsibilities , that God will give extra strength, wisdom, strength and JOY in preparation.
1.Pray for Pastor Godfrey as he gives the messages on: Act Justly, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly. May God the Spirit inspire and fill him with wisdom.
2.Ann Monteclaro who will be in charge of break/discussion groups
3.Paul Samuelson for the morning devotions
4.Elma is in charge of the children’s program and activities
5.Amy J Rio – for morning devotions and worship service on Sunday
6.Anne Benthein – praise and worship; music

1. Lina and Carmena as they coordinate the program and schedule
2. Christine who is in charge of housing, financial expenses and other logistics
3. Bong will be in charge of IT needs; Rob and Hannah as they help
4.All the volunteers extending a hand to do some needed tasks

1. Pray for God’s provision for the missionaries who will be featured at the retreat: Peter Bangcong, Red Karen, Thailand; Chitse Magaspag, Ratanakiri, Cambodia; Pappet Amihan, Elpis School, Maesot, Thailand and Ebenezer CRC Church, Bacolod, Philippines.
2.Pray for enjoyment, fun, fellowship, and safety for all of us in the camp. May God protect and give us covering against the evil one.
3.Pray for the children – that they will come to love Jesus as they witness the examples of their parents’ faithfulness in serving Jesus through the MEANS ministry.
4.Pray for families that are represented here. May we enjoy the moments of fun and relaxation at the retreat.
Pray for the board meeting as we envision what we want to do in the next five years (2015) for the MEANS ministry. May it be God’s plan and agenda, not ours. Pray for Jim as he calls in from Dili, East Timor – for a clear reception during the teleconference.

Act Justly; Love Mercy; Walk Humbly

o Re-ENERGIZE our spirits
o Re-FRESH our bodies
o Re-INVIGORATE our fellowship and love for one another.
o Re-CHARGE our vision to serve Him

“Solitude is the practice of being absent from other people and other things so that you can be present with God. In solitude, we rest from our attempts to re-create the world in our image. We rest from arranging our relationships and manipulating people with our words. In solitude, we say to God, “I am here to be changed into whatever you like.” In solitude, we learn to “wait on the Lord.”

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