Chitse in Cambodia

Greetings from rainy Cambodia! I trust this update finds you well.
Thank God for giving me an opportunity to join the Participatory Methods for Engaging Communities (PMEC) trainers; workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The workshop was represented by 10 participants working in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia. Rachel and I represented Cambodia and expected to train ICC staff from different projects in Jan – Feb 2011. There will be 2 sets of workshop to be done. One is for projects working with the youth, orphans, children, and mothers. The other one is for ICC – SIL language projects for minority people groups of Cambodia.

The month of September was quite busy with several trainings and planning for the RIDE project. We’re so glad that we were able to come up a year plan for 2011. Praise God for a good team work and wisdom He has given us.
The cholera problem still a concern though not much compared than the previous
months. Dengue, typhoid fever, and malaria are now rampant due to rainy season. The only one hospital is full and has no room for patients. Some died and others are in serious condition. While writing this update, our office manager called me that our Krung RIDE staff has just passed away. There is no „real‟ doctor here in the province and the medical facilities are not reliable.

This week the Buddhist Cambodians are celebrating Pchum Ben– one week celebration in the pagoda (temple) where people bring offering to Buddha and their dead loved ones. I asked my language helper if she will go to offer something in pagoda. She said, “no need as I already offered my life to Jesus Christ and no longer to Buddha”. Her answer amazed me. It is true in His Word that says, “sow the seed on good soil and it produced a crop.” Glory to Him!
It is raining everyday here. It is quite hard to go to the villages because of slippery roads and rivers to cross. But it is a blessing to the people here – they have already started planting crops.
Your continued prayers are very much appreciated:– Good health and protection as I travel to different villages.
1. Wisdom and guidance from the Lord as we are preparing for a workshop for all
ICC project staff in Cambodia. The scope of preparation is quite big (3 provinces
and 4 language projects) – we need to plan well and pray about it.
2. Jarai people in Cambodia use Jarai Bible from Vietnam – these two language
groups are completely different from each other. Wisdom what to do for a
comprehension testing. It‟s quite complicated since Vietnam is very sensitive
country. Wisdom if Jarai in Cambodia needs Bible translation in their own
3. Wisdom as I give advice to our RIDE staff. Good relationship with them.
4. My language helper will continue to grow in the knowledge and love of our Lord
Jesus Christ.
5. My life would be a reflection of God‟s love and salvation to the Buddhist and
animist people surround me.
Thank you very much for your untiring support for the ministry that God has entrusted in and through me here in Cambodia. I really appreciate your friendship and partnership. God bless you all!
In His grip, Chitse

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