In partnership with The Lord’s Lamp stand Christian Church in Bacolod City, MEANS is raising funds for 800 Thongs (Flip-flops) to be distributed as Christmas presents to poor children attending at F.F. Gonzaga Elementary School, Bacolod City. The children will hear the Christmas story; receive a gift wrapped pack with a pair of Thongs; a Christmas Tract, and some goodies.

Give Up. Give $10.00 – we challenge our friends what to give up worth $10 and Give $10.00 to Thongs Project. Pray for those who have committed to GIVE Up for this project. Give $10 will be a profound reminder for us to embrace the principle exemplified by the widow, who gave ALL that she had in her pocket to honor and acknowledge the greatness of her God. Jesus saw what she did! She became an object lesson on what it means to “Give Up something she treasured for the sake of the kingdom.” “Because little becomes much, when we place it in the Master’s hands.”
Experience the POWER of Giving Up

What is a Thong? It is a Flip-flop. A Rubber slippers commonly used in the Philippines.

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