NCF Gives Back

The Life Transforming Project

This Summer 2011, God has given us another opportunity to help. The new BSN graduates were challenged to move on to the next level of NCF Young Professionals group and have accepted the opportunity to submerge themselves in Community Health Nursing which will be integrated with PND Church’s Daily Vacation Bible School in Batasan Hills. This Life Transforming Project will be a joint venture of MEANS (Missions East Asian National Support), NCF Philippines and PND Church. This will be the first time 3 groups will be collaborating to help an urban poor community.

The Life Transforming Community Project : is our NCF’s Mission Immersion Program.

Get Involved
• Date : April 25-29, 2011
• Cost: 500.00 Pesos/ child ($10.00)
• Objective : To minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the participants by sharing the gospel of Christ and by teaching health education and providing materials/supplies for health care.
• Target participants : Each year about 40 children attend a 2 week vacation bible classes conducted by PND Church in Batasan Hills.
• Venue : Barangay Batasan Hills and PND Church are located in an urban poor community in Batasan Hills, Metro Manila, Philippines.
• Facilitators: 15 NCFers will join efforts with 5 PND Church teachers.

NCF Gives Back
As the project will entail some costs, we would like to invite you to help us bless the poorest among the poor in Batasan Hills. Your gift will help provide health care materials that will teach participants how to prevent common diseases. Each family will be provided with basic health care tools and supplies. The Barangay Captain in the area will provide a meeting place and some logistics for the project. We will also provide bible materials and supplies for the Daily Vacation Bible School Classes. When the project has been completed, the remaining funds will be re-allocated to where most needed.

Budget is: 500.00 / child ($10.00)

We are very much aware of the current world economic crises. I encourage you to take this opportunity to give when it truly hurts the most because that is when we will experience God’s blessings from our heavenly Father, the Giver of all good gifts. He who owns the cattle on a thousand hills and who is able to multiply a few loaves of bread and fish will NEVER fail you in your time of need.


Phebe Pendon,RN, PhD Cand
Nurses Christian Fellowship of the Philippines

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