Battery-Powered Portable Radios


Radio Ministry serving Central Mindanao in thePhilippines

 MEANS is partnering with a Radio Ministry based inCentral Mindanaolocated in Creative access areas.  PRAY – 100 battery-powered portable radios will be purchased with the help of our generous donors.  We need YOU. Help us to send these talking missionaries onto the mission field; to 100 families.  Help us by sending 100 radios to those who have never heard the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

 The Radio programs of our ministry partner reach the whole centralMindanao, serving poor and marginalized M Communities. In these communities, radios are prize possessions; to many they are too poor to purchase a radio of their own. Imagine the impact of radios in the homes of these families.

 Our goal is to help provide 100 Battery-Powered Portable Radios  so the listeners can also receive radio broadcasts around the community. Many in the community cannot afford to purchase a radio because it is not their priority.  What is the projected impact of the radios in these communities? To raised the level of awareness of the community people in the areas of health, peace, empowerment and community development. Many will have the opportunity to hear the message of Christ’s Love.    

Please help us send 100 radios to those who have never heard the life changing message of Jesus Christ. Your gift of $10.00 will purchase 1 radio for one family.  

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