MEANS Dental and Vision CARE

ImageMEANS Dental and Vision Care to be held in Bacolod on August 6. The purpose of this project is to provide dental and vision consultation and treatment service to low income church workers, missionaries and members of their family located inBacolod. This project will be in partnership with Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church and our volunteers.Bethel Trasmonte -Skinker (a MEANS Member), Anne Violanda-Benthein (MEANS Board Member) and Elsie Trasmonte-Quirao will lead the Team.

 Our target is to serve at least (about 40 – ) 50 individuals for their dental and vision care needs. We thank God for providing volunteer dentists, optometrists and nurses.  They will provide dental and eye care services for FREE!  Some ministry partners inBacolodwill also provide the administrative help where needed. Our 2 missionary partners fromMae-sot,Thailandwho are on furlough will be there to help.

 We have enough volunteers to do the job.

 But, we need your financial help to make this happen. We need to purchase dental materials and medicines such as disposable needles, anesthesia, antibiotic, pain and anti- hemorrhagic medicines, cottons, disposable cups, dental filling material, dentures and etc., to be able to perform the tooth extraction, tooth feeling, dental cleaning and denture provision. We also need to purchase the prescribed lenses and frames for the prescribed eyeglasses.

 What can your $10.00 do?

Your $10.00 gift can provide some bottles of antibiotic or anesthesia

Your $10.00 gift can put dental filling to 2 teeth

Your $10.00 gift can provide a partial denture

Your $10.00 gift can purchase 1 prescribed eye glasses

 Providing dental and vision care for the families of our church workers, and missionaries through our ministry partners will help alleviate physical challenges, boost self-esteem and bring back dignity to a person, resulting to a more focused and efficient Christian service. As our Christian doctors and volunteers provide care for physical needs, they will also minister to the spiritual needs of the patients through health education, prayer and compassion.

 Let us help today.  Make your donation through MEANS.

 Blessings to you and your family this summer

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