Care of Creation

Care of Creation in Bacolo, Philippines

Care of Creation Project in Guimaras – This is a project initiative at MEANS to do an organic gardening/farming in a community. This month 30 Guava Apples grafted seedlings were planted in Guimaras Island,  Iloilo this February.  In Guimaras, we created a Planting for a Good Cause Project so that students who cannot afford to attend Kawayan Camp (month-long leadership training) sponsored by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship of the Philippines will be able to join.  Produce of the garden will also help feed the student wards of Good Shepherd’s Orphanage and Christian Academy in Guimaras.  MEANS has been a long time partner with the orphanage.  

  Care of Creation Project in Bacolod – Volunteers in the community and Project Josiah and the students of the school will plant 20 Morringga (Malunggay) and 20 Lemon seedlings to add to the already existing school garden at F.F. Gonzaga Elementary School, Bacolod, Philippines.  More fruit trees will be planted to sustain the feeding program that is being done once a week for malnourished school children of the school.  The harvest from the garden are being used for the feeding program, some are being sold to teachers, if there is an abundant harvest.

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