Care of Creation. Why plant trees?

The earth is the Lord’s, and all that is in it. (Psalm 24.1)

  1. Protect The environment. Can bamboo save the planet?
    Planted 100 bamboo trees in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. 2019

    What are the benefits? Bamboo is one of the quickest growing plants in the Philippines. It can reach up to a meter of growth per day! That also means it can be harvested a lot more frequently than the average crop, making it a great sustainable resource. Bamboo is cut and not uprooted when it’s harvested, the plant can regrow without having to be replanted, aiding in soil sustainability.

  1. School Garden. Empowering the school feeding program. GSFA2Most of the schools in remote areas in the Philippines have open spaces available for gardening. We help provide fruit tree seedlings to be planted and garden tools to our school partners. In a year’s time the fruit trees they plant will be harvested and provide produce for the school community. This is an on- going project.



  1. Forest Preserves– We plant fruit trees native to the area. Who will benefit? In about three years the fruits will be harvested and consumed by the community, the trees will add beauty to the surroundings, will protect the environment. MEANS is partnering with local volunteers to work together and experienced the joy of serving the community.
  1. Community Garden – Collaboration with organizations who can work together in a project. The Samaritana Ministries based in the Philippines ministering to street women have been granted a house lot near their office for gardening. We have started the project by providing seedlings and garden tools. The volunteers cleared the land and made garden plots. In 2019, the women began harvesting fruits and vegetables from the garden
  1. Orphanage Garden – Community Garden in Mae Sot,Thailand. COC-ELPISFour Filipina missionaries manage a dorm for about 34 girls who are at risk for slave labor and trafficking. We have helped them in their community garden by providing garden tools and one shredder machine. The community garden is now sustainable.



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