New Initiative Spotlight: Serve a Meal

This month, amidst an ever-changing global crisis, MEANS launches new efforts to respond to ever-changing needs of the communities in which God has planted our ministry partners. The Serve a Meal initiative in the Philippines was born out of a rising need for aid to families with no job income, and who have not been reached yet by aid from local government. Partners such as Marilu Neri Custer—with the ministry Bacolod City Street Kids Feeding, Training and Livelihood Program in Bacolod, Philippines—will be launching Serve a Meal on May 18, and begin serving cooked meals to families for two weeks, concluding on May 30. To fuel this ministry initiative, four local mothers will be cooking three meals a day for 235 people, from Monday through Friday, and each family will receive a bag of groceries on Fridays to assist with meals over each weekend. Other ministries such as Warrior of Faith International Christian Ministries have begun preparing and serving warm meals of ham, hot dogs, and rice to their neighbors, touching the hearts of the community and reminding them that “there is someone who really cares for us”.

From Marilu: “You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. 2 Corinthians 9:11”

The Serve a Meal initiative is a stop gap, not a feeding program, with the goal in June to serve one meal, once a week, for the whole month of June in ten locations. $10 will serve meals to ten people! If you would like to support the Serve a Meal Program, follow the link to:

Ongoing Initiatives: COVID-19 Response

Face Mask Production and Distribution: to date, we and our ministry partners overseas have distributed 25,000 masks! Praise the Lord. The face masks, distributed by volunteers of MEANS ministry partners in the Philippines were made by local tailors. Tina Lauron, the manager, and her 40 local tailors were empowered by MEANS to produce masks for individuals and families who could not otherwise buy their own. Church on the Streets and on the Alleys, with Grace Bible Church, distributed 3,000 face masks this past week, half of which served the homeless. Blessings Unlimited, this month, gave their face masks to front-line responders, check point volunteers, and families across Quezon City. Other groups that have been blessed by face mask distribution funded by our sponsors include pastors, bishops, local government officials, and small business owners. The small business owners – for instance, shopkeepers and grocery managers – especially appreciate the face masks so that they can continue running their businesses without jeopardizing their own or their patrons’ health. What a joy it is to uplift communities with a multifaceted approach!

Support for Pedicab Drivers: vulnerable due to the plummeting demand of public transportation under statewide lockdown. Having provided church members and their neighboring community with similar gifts, Great Commission Christian Church blessed more than 75 pedicab drivers and their families this month, with face masks and care packages containing rice, monggo beans, noodles, coffee, and miscellaneous canned goods. GCCC speaks the word in Proverbs 19:17 over our donors: “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.”

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Contributors: Lina Padilla, Carmena Cruz

Editor: Faith Cheng

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