Read to Grow

Read to Grow Community Reading Center.

We have now established 16 RTG centers  in different locations in Negros Occidental and Leyte, Philippines

1. Read to Grow  – MEANS dream is to continue to give books to those who we will never meet in person; to help, even in a small way, open the eyes of Filipino children to the wonderful world of reading books with Christian values.

2. RTG Reading Buddies – to engage the children to read and write and effectively communicate their ideas about their environment and community.

3. RTG Opportunities – To take the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through literature and Christian books.

4.RTG strategy – Teach to read, train teacher volunteers and feed nutritious meals to children who will join in the program. MEANS will help provide books with Christian values. RTG hubs are run and managed through MEANS collaboration with various ministry partners and local churches.

Read to Grow is NOT a feeding program. Its aim is to teach children in under resourced communities to learn to read and write using bible stories that teaches them faith in God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Facts and Numbers of our RTG Reading community Centers as of June 2022

  1. Age group we serve – 6 to 15 years of age both girls and boys
  2. Number of children we serve – an estimate of 600 children
  3. Number of locations and reading centers – 16 in Negros occidental, Philippines
  4. Number of volunteers – 160 young people and mothers who prepares the food and meals.
Teach the children to write
We teach children to read simple words

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