Livelihood Impact

MEANS Livelihood Program Impact

MEANS do not just support ministries financially. We maintain relationships with our ministry partners by encouraging them and showing them that we are also interested in them as people, PARTNERS and CO LABORERS in Kingdom building, making sure that they are not alone, but that God is with and for them and that we are helping alongside them, too.

MEANS Connect. It is a tedious process to follow ministry partners and projects. It takes time and effort, but time that is spent in serving and encouraging people, cheering them on, is NEVER wasted before God’s eyes.

MEANS Livelihood Grant. It is not a loan but a grant given to a livelihood recipient. We believe that providing a small business capital is one of the most powerful and sustainable ways to create economic and social good. MEANS Livelihood grant Program creates a partnership in mutual dignity.

MEANS Grant to a small business is not greater than $100.00 per recipient.

Recipients from New Life Cornerstone Family Worship Ministry, of Bago City, Negros Occidental, is Lanie Petalia received a $100 grant. She continues to improve her small business selling balut (boiled duck eggs) and peanuts. Our $100 grant has helped her purchase a new cart, so she no longer has to pay a daily rent for a food cart.

Lanie was abandoned by her husband for another woman. She is not receiving any support from him nor her children. They were baptized as a family last year after becoming followers of Jesus. All are involved in Read to Grow ministry.

MEANS has enrolled her 3 children in our Child Education Care.

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