Starting January 1. 2023,  we started our first church worship service at the Barangay Cabug outreach as a result of our Read to Grow teaching sessions in this community.  We started with a bible study and now have a regular attendance of 25-30 adults and children.” – Ann Rutor, Read to Grow Himaya

“Glory to God for His wonderful works in the life of our RTG volunteers.  7 of them committed their lives to God and were baptized.” – Read to Grow Pontevedra

“Thank you for your kindness.  I am so blessed to have an opportunity to serve in RTG Serve a Meal, helping kids to read and write.  I saw satisfaction, joy and excitement and love in their faces as they came to the center every Saturday.” – Ashley Nicole, RTG Pontevedra

“It was another achievement for me when the kids that I have been teaching wrote their names and the alphabet by themselves without me helping them.  That moment, I experienced gladness in my heart.” – Jonelle Llamado, RTG Villa Angeles, Bacolod

Numbers matters: 20 RTG Communities; 160 RTG Volunteers; 900 children; 12 baptism

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