MEANS Read to Grow Ministry

RTG Early Beginnings,  In early 2017, we visited the school in Bacolod City where Ann Rutor has been teaching for more than 20 years. At the meeting with Ann, I saw her passion to teach school children who have reading deficiency. Ann attended our first MEANS READ TO GROW WORKSHOP at Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church in Bacolod in June 2017, with some of her co-teachers. The concepts taught at the workshop gripped her and another co-teacher, Jimlet Gaitan. When the pandemic came, both of them worked on a project where children who have reading deficiencies will continue to be helped at home because schools were closed.   They devised a program for these children to continue reading at home. Called Home Reading Buddies MEANS Read to Grow, they found it effective in teaching reading to lockdown children. They also presented it at a School District III Competition and were declared champions. 

RTG Workshop in Bago City. Ann’s desire to help others read showed when she accepted my request to hold an RTG workshop at a church in Bago City. This time, the purpose was to teach children how to read using gospel stories. Together with her teacher partner, they have given the church a tool for reaching out to children in their community.

RTG Growing and Expanding  – On April 2, 2022, a one day RTG workshop was held at Ann’s church.  Many were invited to join: several education students from Philippine Normal University Visayas, 3 teachers from Leyte, church members from Maranatha Himaya Baptist church.  After the workshop, everyone was excited to apply what they learned. Ann also took the initiative in introducing RTG concepts to other church leaders/pastors she knows. MEANS RTG partnership with several churches in Bacolod City was born. This time the goal is to teach reading and share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the children in their communities.

Frederick Buechner, famous author  and theologian wrote “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

Surely, Ann Rutor has experienced a deep gladness in her heart as she trains volunteers through RTG workshop in teaching literacy to children. There is a very great need in the Philippines for children to learn how to read and to share to them the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.   God is using her passion to teach and serve God with deep gladness as she fills in the deep hunger and literacy need of children living in poor communities.

Ann Rutor is a pastor’s wife. She and her husband, Pastor Romeo Rutor serve the Lord at Himaya Maranatha Baptist Church in Bacolod City together with a group of dedicated and faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

PRAISE GOD.  To Him be the glory Alone!

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