Work For a Cause

Each year, IVCF-Philippines hosts Kawayan Camp, a month-long training camp where students learn various things such as discipleship and Bible study, and can take different tracks such as a community immersion experience where they go to a poor community and talk to people in the community or do service projects for the community.  MEANS usually... Continue Reading →

Going in a New Direction

After being in the U.S. for over 3 years now, the Acosta family, who have been serving as MEANS volunteers for the past 2 years, have sensed God leading them to another ministry venue and issuing them new and specific ministry plans. The Acostas are missionaries who have been serving in the Philippines, and initially, they felt... Continue Reading →


ACT JUSTLY. LOVE MERCY. WALK HUMBLY “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you. In every prayer of mine I always make my entreaty and petition for you all with joy (delight). I thank my God for your fellowship (your sympathetic cooperation and contributions and partnership in advancing the good news (the Gospel... Continue Reading →

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